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  1. Connie Smith profile image82
    Connie Smithposted 13 years ago

    I get seriously ticked when I see that I have a new follower and then find out that "two minutes ago" they have signed up to follow 6 or 8 other hubbers.  There is no way that anyone who does that can have read any of your material. 

    It just happened to me and I sent an email asking them to delete themselves from following me.  What is the purpose of having followers if other hubbers dilute the process in this way?  I already know that it is just a scam to get others to follow them, but why?  Who wants reciprocal followers who could care less about your stuff either? It really doesn't make any sense to me.  I want followers who enjoy the hard work that I've put into each of my hubs (even though I haven't written any lately....).

    I would love to hear the pros and cons on this issue.

    1. profile image0
      EmpressFelicityposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I totally agree with everything you say.  I find "spam followers" really irritating and would love to be able to remove them from my followers list.

      Like you, I just don't "get" the mentality of people like this.  And I don't get it when people join a site like HP and straight away (before they've even written a hub) come on the forums asking how they can get followers.  WTF?

    2. profile image0
      Website Examinerposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      You seem to have been interested in this topic for at least the past 18 months, which is as long as you have been on HubPages. This is a thoughtful hub: … an-of-Spam

    3. jeri741 profile image61
      jeri741posted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I think that I shotgun alot...I find someone in the forums who has responses I like and I follow them ..sometimes I read an article and leave a message so they know  am following them ..but this does not mean they have to follow me back. It would be nice if they at least looked at my stuff but if not thats ok to. When you follow someone it always has that page pop up showing some of the folks that the person is following and sometimes you see somethng nteresting there and it just flows you end up following 5-6 people at a me it doesn't mean I'm not going to read their material, I often read things from my e-mail everyday..things that sound interestng and I can do this while me something to do when things are slow.

  2. Mighty Mom profile image76
    Mighty Momposted 13 years ago

    Hi Connie,
    I know, that is annoying, isn't it? Or people who follow you and leave fan mail that is basically a pitch for you to follow them back (I don't).

    As I've been here longer I've come to realize HP is a BIG community. People have vastly different reasons for being here.
    My feeling now is that if people want to add themselves as followers of mine, who am I to question their motives. Having a bigger follower count only attracts more people to read my hubs (at least in theory) so they're actually doing me a favor.
    There really is no downside to it.
    And I feel absolutely no obligation to reciprocate with people who are obviously "famming."

    My two cents on the issue. MM

    1. Connie Smith profile image82
      Connie Smithposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for replying, MM.   I usually ignore it myself and have never written someone asking them to remove their name before.  I also do not reciprocate or take a look at their work, because I know they are just looking to up their list of followers.  I just think it is so rude to "follow" another Hubber without having ever read anything he or she wrote, for selfish interests.  Can someone expect anyone else to take their work seriously if they do not have the courtesy to take others seriously, but only come in to scam and spam others into following them?  I feel they must have a low opinion of their own abilities to get followers the old fashioned way -- by earning them.

      1. The Suburban Poet profile image83
        The Suburban Poetposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        I can assure that my problem is not low self-esteem....

        1. Connie Smith profile image82
          Connie Smithposted 13 years agoin reply to this

          Sorry....I wrote that as a generalization and also before I read your other post.  I am probably looking at the follower issue the wrong way, which is one of the reasons I asked for the pros and cons at this forum.  I do have an open mind and am interested in the opinions here.  I already am thinking a bit differently with just a few posts.  I was especially struck by the post that raised the fact that, even if you didn't read my work today, that maybe you might next month.  In that case, it is me being shortsighted.

          1. The Suburban Poet profile image83
            The Suburban Poetposted 13 years agoin reply to this

            Cool... I think my real problem is delusions of grandeur...


  3. Daniel Carter profile image62
    Daniel Carterposted 13 years ago

    A follower is a follower. Their motives for following me are really none of my business. I don't make them apply to accept them following me.

    Similarly, I follow people for my own reasons and I don't justify to anyone why I follow them. However, blatant spamming, self promotion, etc., are not to my liking, and I disregard those who do.

  4. The Suburban Poet profile image83
    The Suburban Poetposted 13 years ago

    I'm the one who Connie asked to remove as a follower. Ironically I've felt the same way when watching others shotgun a bunch of followers. But I decided that I want people to read my stuff (why would I post it here?). Yes, I have an ego about it. I know of no other way to alert someone of my presence and continued efforts than to follow them. There are even hubs and advice form HubPages about how to get the word out about yourself. I suppose shotgunning may be a "frowned upon" method but I did what I did.

    At the same time I'm not sure how I would know of Connie's or anyone else's work unless I happened to be sitting at the hubtivity page while she posted a new hub. Otherwise I would never know she was there. Because I'm a follower I am now alerted to any new mateial. That then makes it possible for me to read and comment.

    I meant no harm and now I'm not sure what to do because I do not want to offend anyone.

    1. Connie Smith profile image82
      Connie Smithposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I must say I am impressed that you have admitted that, Suburban Poet.  It makes me feel differently as I always admire someone who steps up to the plate.  I just think that if you are good at what you do, you will be noticed.   

      I haven't written a new hub for a long time (almost a year!) due to outside influences, though I hope to get back to hubbing soon.  I still keep up with the hubs I have written and reply to comments.   

      When I first came to Hubpages, I was thrilled to get my first fan (who is still my best fan).  Unfortunately, on the second one, I realized that she had not even read my stuff.  I was highly disappointed and remain that way when someone does not read my work, yet wants to follow me.  I really jumped the gun, I suppose, in emailing you to remove yourself, so I will admit that, too.   I also plan to go back and read some of your work, because you really have impressed me by stepping forward.

      1. The Suburban Poet profile image83
        The Suburban Poetposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        Ahhhh... I gave it a thought and knew that deep down I'd felt the same way... but in the end I allowed myself to fall into this form of attracting followers. I think that the real truth about our hubs are in the feedback and comment section. The followers stats are clearly diluted by people who do what I did. The light bulb went off in my head the other day about that. But when a person comments or hits the "awesome" or "beautiful" button then you know they are for real and were truly interested in what you had to say.

        Anyway, I try to be a straight-up person and you deserved an explanation. I will endeavor to read some of your material and I'm quite sure I'll be impressed.

        Can I follow you now?

        1. Connie Smith profile image82
          Connie Smithposted 13 years agoin reply to this

          I would be happy for you to follow me.  As I just posted above, I am also thinking a bit differently about it, which is why I asked for the pros and cons.  Pcunix's comment got to me and made me realize that I was being shortsighted.  After all, I do not have to follow others just because they follow me.

          1. The Suburban Poet profile image83
            The Suburban Poetposted 13 years agoin reply to this

            Ok I'm glad we worked this out... I'll follow you and when I have some time you will be the first on my list ok?

            One other benefit... if people do see you have tons of followers they may become attracted to your work. They might think something good is happening here....

          2. Pcunix profile image91
            Pcunixposted 13 years agoin reply to this

            You definitely do not.  In other places, I have said that I don't particularly like it when someone instantly follows me back.

            I had a nice one today, though. I had followed someone several weeks back and today he followed me.  I checked his profile and found he wasn't shotgunning or catching up on old followers, so I suspect it was for genuine reasons and that makes me happy.  Small joys smile

  5. profile image0
    Website Examinerposted 13 years ago

    Today, I wrote this hub where I propose an opt-out feature to quickly remove unwanted followers:

    <url snipped, no self-promoting.>

    1. Pcunix profile image91
      Pcunixposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I don't quite understand the damage.

      Yes, I would rather know who is really reading at least some of my stuff, and yes I suspect that someone who shotgunned probably is not, but I can't really say, can I?  I don't KNOW  that they aren't reading the mail HP sends out.  I don't know that they won't start reading it next month, either.

      I see nothing wrong with having the tool you suggest, but I am not sure I would feel right using it.

  6. bojanglesk8 profile image62
    bojanglesk8posted 13 years ago

    Yeah, I agree.

  7. profile image0
    Website Examinerposted 13 years ago

    How dramatic and exciting...

    1. The Suburban Poet profile image83
      The Suburban Poetposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Ok now I'm smiling....

  8. Pcunix profile image91
    Pcunixposted 13 years ago

    One thing I do NOT like is that there is no way to acknowledge fan mail from followers.

    I have had a truly lovely piece of that from someone who writes poetry here.  I regret that my mind does not appreciate that form of expression (I can't dance either - I just lack rhythm), so there is no reason for me to follow back - I wouldn't ever read her.

    I don't want to send email because that is seen by some as an intrusion and I don't want to embarrass her by mentioning her here - also, she is not the only one I would like to acknowledge, just the most recent to remind me of the inability to do so.  There are others who have left lovely compliments  but they write on subjects I am not interested in, so I don't follow back.

    I think it would be nice if we had a way to communicate a nod of the head and a murmured "thanks".  It feels rude to just ignore it.

    1. Connie Smith profile image82
      Connie Smithposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I do agree that it would be nice to have a way to acknowledge nice fan mail.  I have thought that before, too.

  9. jondav profile image70
    jondavposted 13 years ago

    i dont really pay that much attention to who follows me or not. I tend to follow 'beginners' as i like seeing how people progress, and i also follow people who write in a certain style. I think PCunix was one of, if not the first person i actually followed smile

  10. Jen's Solitude profile image85
    Jen's Solitudeposted 13 years ago

    Hello Friend! I too have a problem with shotgunning is that the right term? When someone follows me I try to remember to check out their profile page and if they have signed up in a rapid fire manner I don't follow back. Seems too much like a game to me. I will follow someone occasionally who is new or who has subjects that interest me, even if they have followed too many people to be taken seriously. Generally though I don't reciprocate and am often amused when shortly thereafter I find I have lost the same amount of fans that I have ignored. LOL

    Some interesting points made so far though. Now I must check out the hubber who spoke up as I too find his honesty refreshing. :-)

    Good to "see" you again!

    1. Connie Smith profile image82
      Connie Smithposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      You know I love ya, Dar.  I decided not to let it bother me.  I would love for the followers list to be just people who love my work, but it isn't and I already knew that.   My typing fingers are itching, so you might be able to expect something new from me.  I am on a hot story and waiting for some additional info before I write about it.  I have definitely been brought down a peg or two in my technical writing class, so I need some adulation from my number 1 fan, lol.

  11. Mikeydoes profile image45
    Mikeydoesposted 13 years ago

    As long as I'm getting views from google I can deal with it! Although it is always good to have a follower who appriciates your work and probably will help you if you need it.

    1. adrienne2 profile image65
      adrienne2posted 13 years agoin reply to this

      What annonyed me recently regarding followers was someone who just starting writing hubs followed me, and asked me to follow them back. I thought the nerve of some people!! But anywho I do not follow back unless I enjoy the work they have written here on hubpages. period

      1. Pcunix profile image91
        Pcunixposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        Yeah.  That is definitely not cool.

        If there is some particular hub that you want to make sure I see, sure, and that might make me follow, but asking for a return follow indicates game playing I don't do.

  12. Jen's Solitude profile image85
    Jen's Solitudeposted 13 years ago

    Always happy to oblige! ;-)  Looking forward to reading you again.

    1. Connie Smith profile image82
      Connie Smithposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      That's my girl!  smile


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