What is the worst present you have ever received?

  1. 2patricias profile image61
    2patriciasposted 7 years ago

    New hubs are appearing about Christmas gift suggestions, and it made me try to remember the worst thing I ever received.  I think it was a wildly inappropriate tap dancing outfit when I was about 50.  I have never been able to dance, so why my sibling thought that was a good gift is beyond me.
    Tricia was once given a tin (can) of olives and I think the doner's head still has a dent in the shape of the olive tin.

    1. CMHypno profile image94
      CMHypnoposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      A relation used to give me a jumper every Christmas - they were very kindly meant but indescribably hideous and I had to wear them on Christmas day!

  2. katiem2 profile image59
    katiem2posted 7 years ago

    clothes, sweaters, and the like. I don't like having clothes bought for me!  Clothes are a very personal choice and I'd much rather have a gift certificate for clothing stores.  NOW, that's a fun gift and insures you get something you really ENJOY!

    Happy Holidays, smile