Ebay Banning Hub Pages?

  1. Hope Alexander profile image79
    Hope Alexanderposted 6 years ago

    I received the following email today from ebay. I was under the impression that hubpages had negotiated an exemption with EBay.

    Has this changed? Is it a result of the new facebook integration (I see they mention facebook as a problem).

    An official announcement on the subject would be awesome:

    Dear Publisher,

    During a recent review, we noticed that you are placing your affiliate links on Facebook.com. As of August 1, 2009, the eBay Partner Network no longer allows publisher to place links on third party sites. You must own your own domain, and since you do not own http://hubpages.com, you are violating our terms of service. We are sending you this message as a warning. Please remove all of your links from http://hubpages.com or you risk the expiry of your account.

    As stated in our code of conduct, section (D) (1), you will not place affiliate links on websites you do not own.

    D.Unacceptable Placements.

    (1)You will only place Links or Promotional Content on sites you own.You will not place Links or Promotional Content on third-party sites, including classifieds sites (including but not limited to Craigslist, Netlog, MySpace), newsgroups, message boards, blogs, comments, link farms, forums, classified ad services, counters, chatrooms or guestbooks.

    Kindly reply to this e-mail once the violation is resolved.


    The eBay Partner Network Quality Team

  2. lrohner profile image84
    lrohnerposted 6 years ago