Can't Create New Hub

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    Steve Hortonposted 10 years ago

    Nothing works on any of my 10 hubs. No editing, can't create a new hub, any of the tools, absolute zilch! Nada. When anything is used as edit or reorder, anything at all, the page just reverts back to the top of the page.  I even ran a test on creating a new hub. I feed in the info, press continue, and again, back to the top of the page. It won't record information such as URL's in the address box as well. Maybe this will help in determining the problem. I do remember having a problem with getting my account set up with Commission Junction and had to reset my settings in order to complete their application process. The application went through okay, but I think my editing problems were already ongoing. The only setting I corrected was to 'accept all cookies' in my system. Perhaps this info will help.



  2. pauldeeds profile image
    pauldeedsposted 10 years ago

    I just sent you an email with some steps you could try Steve.  My guess is that you may have somehow disabled javascript in your browser, either in general or just for hubpages.