A question about Kindle

  1. brimancandy profile image81
    brimancandyposted 6 years ago

    I have received a few suggestions about having a possible book published at Kindle. I'm curious if they accept adult material.
    A few years ago, I started writing erotic stories at another website, and I was wondering what would be considered too graphic.

    I have several different erotic short stories that I thought about putting together in one book, but, I'm not sure if it is possible to do that. Does anyone know if it is possible?

    I have not been to the Kindle website yet. I would like some feedback to see if there is even an interest in the subject.
    The writing site I belong to is free. But, I would rather get paid for my work, than letting hundreds of people see it for nothing.

    At least here I might eventually earn something.

  2. TahoeDoc profile image97
    TahoeDocposted 6 years ago

    I have a Kindle and I SWEAR I have no idea why, but their recommendations for me often include "romance" or "erotic" titles.  Not sure of the level of "graphic" because I didn't actually get any of them (I SWEAR, LOL).

    Good luck, seems to me that you might be on to something there.