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Help !!

  1. LisaMarie724 profile image79
    LisaMarie724posted 7 years ago

    I have always wanted to write since I was little, it has been my dream.  I'm not to sure how to go about it and would love if anyone had any advice for me.  I write a lot of poetry and short stories, is there a future in those areas? My all time goals are to write a novel or write for a magazine.  I've heard a lot about freelance writing but I'm not sure how you go about contacting someone to propose writing for them.  Please help me someone! Thanks so much smile

  2. livewithrichard profile image84
    livewithrichardposted 7 years ago

    First off, freelance writing is good way to earn a living for those that have proven themselves as commercial writers.  This kind of writing doesn't seem to fit with the writing you are doing here.

    I'm not saying give up on your dreams, just realize that the kind of writing you enjoy will forever change if you choose to start writing commercially. 

    Try your hand at some short stories and get some feedback on them here. Then try to self publish electronically and allow them to be downloaded on e-readers like the Kindle.

    Stick with a single genre until you have mastered it, develop a following with your own blog (try a free Wordpress blog)and sell copies on your own sites. Every once in a while, submit a manuscript to a brick and mortar publisher along with all your credentials and keep hoping for the best.

    Good news or bad news, just keep writing.

    1. LisaMarie724 profile image79
      LisaMarie724posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks so much for responding. Can you help me out with an idea of how long a short story should be?

      1. couturepopcafe profile image62
        couturepopcafeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        There are tons of books on the subject of writing.  There are short stories and there are short shorts.  If you want to be a writer, just write.  I was like you many years ago, wanting to be a writer.  One day I realized I am a writer.  Freelancing is a tough road.  You need to constantly submit ideas to magazines.  If they like the idea they will ask you to write an article.  Don't limit yourself to a genre.  Try a few in the beginning.  You may find you are really interested and good at a genre or magazine field that you hadn't thought about before.  Try to predict what will be hot in articles.  This takes time.  For now, keep writing.  Poetry is great and if you find you love it, you can get a chapbook out.  Try expanding on your favorite poem and making it into a short story or take your favorite short story and make it into a very long story which could eventually become a novel.  Don't expect too much.  Creativity takes time.  Allow yourself to season.  Writing for a magazine is a big goal.  Staff writers have earned their stripes.

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    Website Examinerposted 7 years ago

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    thisisoliposted 7 years ago

    You probably won't earn a huge amount for creative writing on here, but it could be a good wa to get some constructive criticism before you try and take your fiction writing commercial and try to sell your stories smile