Getting in touch with Nature

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    itsgot2brealposted 7 years ago

    When I was much younger I actually loved the idea of camping.  Hell, I even lived in a tent for 10 months at the Noosa  Caravan Park.  Back in those days, there were no restrictions on tents, length of stay etc etc.  As long as you paid the rent and didn't mind the permanently wet showers and smelly toilets...everyone was happy.

    But lets face it, when you are 20 and can bolt to the toilets in a pair of cut off jeans, no shoes, no bra and a t shirt, you could pretty much live anywhere.

    At 50+, I find I have become soft.  I need a toilet, a shower and reasurance that I will not see any sort of reptile or stick figure or ........ anything with 8 legs!!!  or basically....anything living in the bush!

    So....  after finding every excuse under the sun for the last 3 years, I was doomed to camping on my partners fathers 500 acre block in the south west of WA, that stretches down to the coast of the Great Southern ocean.  a beautiful spot, deserted coastline for as far as the eye can see, dense bushland but so removed from any home comforts, it really was worth it.

    On the back of a quad bike, it was a great way to appreciate the enormity of the size of the block and the contrast of colours and vegetation and colours of the land and sea.

    We had a great tent, lots of zips and layers (which I was very happy about - the more obstacles between me and the kreepy krawlies the better) 

    Sitting around the campfire at night was great.  BBQ and a bottle of red and I did actaully relax and was able to walk myself to a clearing to relieve myself.

    Apart from waking in the middle of the night thinking I had gone blind (pitch black really is....pitch black)  I had a great time.  Albeit one night.... it was a breakthrough and perhaps the first of more camping trips to come... well maybe...

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      DonnaCSmithposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Your excursion sounds wonderful. When I was much younger, my former hubby and I and the kids did a lot of camping - was an affordable vacation back then. For the  most part I loved it.

      Now I live in a house surrounded by woods and pastures. I can watch the wildlife from the comfort of my office, which has wall to wall windows.  My old bones can't take sleeping on the ground anymore, so I appreciate the comforts of a real bed and running hot water, LOL.