No ads on one of my hubs.

  1. brimancandy profile image79
    brimancandyposted 7 years ago

    I was just looking at my Top 10 gay themed movie hub, and I noticed that there are no ads showing in my hub, only the amazon ads that I placed myself. Is there a reason for this? How am I supposed to get ad clicks on this hub if there are no ads.

    The only reason I am concerned, is because this hub is getting a majority of my traffic. It has currently received over 200 views in 7 days, (37 so far today) So, if there are no ads how am I supposed to get any revenue from it? It seems that it would be profitable.
    I would think that advertisers would wan to post ads on a hub that was receiving traffic.

    I am very happy that it is doing so well. I'm sure it will surpass all of my other hubs in couple weeks. Just wish I might gain something from it's current popularity.

    Weird, I just checked again, and there a couple ads showing, but, other spots where there were ads are blank. Must be a bug.

  2. IzzyM profile image89
    IzzyMposted 7 years ago

    I don't see any adverts either. There is no warning on the hub?

    Oh and I know you didn't ask for a critique, but I think you need to split the text up a bit - maybe add photos taken from the films before or after each review, plus I think if you want to sell the DVDs you should add an Amazon capsule beside each movie. That will save folk having got scroll away down to the bottom to find the Amazon capsules.

    1. brimancandy profile image79
      brimancandyposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I put the amazon capsules farther down the page, because I would like people to read my article without getting distracted by the ads. At least not right away. But, your suggestion is a good one. Thanks.