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    VanWykposted 7 years ago

    Hey there, Im new to this (obviously), im reading the FAQ aswell as the Learning centre.
    Im sceptic , sadly in todays time u have to be seeing as there are so many scams out there.
    On all the sites people "justifies" their site or "product" with "success" stories.
    I was just wondering - seeing as this doesnt look like a scam - to how many people this has realy made a difference? Now obviously one could argue the point "im still here aint i?" You can  just be called persistent? big_smile Also very few people will admit that it hasnt realy made a difference .
    Also as im not the quickest learner out there i would realy apreciate if someone can maybe tell me how exactly this works? I registered with Addsense and aparently its going to take 2 -3 days to accept my application.
    Im realy interested in trying this out as it sounds wel.. interesting? big_smile
    So after my whole winded essay id apreciate if some1 can maybe put this whole story for me in a nutshell?
    I feel kinda dumb asking but hey, if u dont ask ull never know!! right?

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      She-rahposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Hello! and welcome to HP!!! It took me a whole winter to get things down  1/2 way right but I was so computer illiterate when I started that I didn't even know what a url was, lol. The HP community is wonderful and helps with any questions you may have. I dove in head first publishing a few not so great practice hubs and making sure my google and adsense all worked fine. This winter (only time I can spend on here) I added ebay capsules of my own products that I developed and are related to my hubs. HP is a great way to get word out on just about anything. I was a HUGE skeptic and spent long hours of studying, asking tons of questions, publishing, and developing my own business strategy, things seem to be paying off. I don't have 100's of hubs like many here, I just have a few, but I do make a few bucks from adsense, was making a few on amazon each month. Ebay is my big one and had my first $700 week since starting here last winter. Just all depends on your approach, strategy, and dedication. I seriously work about 15hrs per day and hope to be running on autopilot eventually. Not sure I can exactly put it in a nutshell for you, there are many approaches to making a career or side income on HP. Kind of just have to jump in and come up with your own plan. Some are just here because they enjoy writing, others make descent income.  It has honestly made a huge difference for me, but I was more than determined to stick with it. Still learning something new everyday smile