Facebook Like button Html question

  1. Envoy profile image83
    Envoyposted 7 years ago

    Okay idk where to ask this so..here I am.

    I was wondering since the lovely hubs have no count on the facebook like buttons; how in the world do you get a code to do this?
    Every time I add the facebook like button code the count is wrong. I mean sadly wrong like 200 likes wrong...That's really wrong! Hah hah Sorry to much coffee.

    Anyways this is day 2 on my blog trying to fix this & it just seems to be a waste of my time. I now have it in enough posts I will have to go back & re-post them once I fix it or decide to go re-post them without the like button all together by removing the code & then re-posting. I know sounds like a lot of work but for my readers I have to fix this...

    Any help or advice would be oh so appreciated.