Sharing a Scam Story & Legal Implications

  1. melbel profile image95
    melbelposted 7 years ago

    Several years ago, my mother was involved in one of those MLM companies, which, I feel (and she felt) scammed her. Later, I wrote a hub about what had happened to her. My hub contained factual claims about how the company did business with my mother. It also contained why I felt the company was a scam...

    Now legally speaking, it was my "opinion" that the company was a scam and I used the word "scam" frequently in my hub. There are/were a number of similar complaints about this same company online.

    Anyhow, my hub was ranked #1 for "COMPANY_NAME Scam" and I made some decent money from the hub. However, my goal was not to make money with the hub (although it was nice) but, instead, was to expose the company.

    I received a Cease & Desist letter about this hub a little over a year ago (which I display proudly) so I pulled the hub because I didn't want any legal trouble. The C&D letter said that because I was partaking in defamation, they would sue me if I kept the article up.

    So my question is, is this fair? How can I express my opinions about a company without being bullied with legal mumbo jumbo?

  2. SiddSingh profile image61
    SiddSinghposted 7 years ago

    The company may claim  defamation if they are able to establish that the info in your hub was false. You may "honestly believe" that they are a scam, but "opinion" is not a defense.

    In case of a legal suit (if things come to that), you cannot claim even a honest opinion as defense - you will have to prove that their activities are actually a scam.

    You may change the focus from "scam" to a "honest review" and then cite your experiences.

  3. profile image0
    Travis_S_Musicposted 7 years ago

    Sidd is absolutely correct. I would suggest finding evidence about relating to this, so then you could keep it as a scam and if they chose to take you to court, you would have the winning side. Talk to a lawyer about it, see what information they can help you dig up, and you could be on your way to possibly taking the company down.