1. thebluestar profile image80
    thebluestarposted 7 years ago

    Does HubPages allow you to copy your hubs to another forum or even to put  them in print?

    1. Pandoras Box profile image66
      Pandoras Boxposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Yes. You own the copyright. However, if you publish your hubs elsewhere on the web you will be penalized here at HP for duplicate content. I am not sure what such penalties might be, hopefully someone else will come along and let you know after I bump this up.

  2. lrohner profile image81
    lrohnerposted 7 years ago

    Like PB said, you retain all rights to your work, so you can do with it whatever you wish. However, if you do publish your hubs elsewhere on the Internet, you will not be allowed to have any outgoing links in them and your hubscore will eventually suffer. Hubpages, like most other websites, prefers unique content.

    You can republish to your heart's content in print though without penalty.