Different Advertisement partners - Pay Per View

  1. fundguru profile image61
    fundguruposted 7 years ago

    Dear Hub Team and Community,

    I guess we all rely on advertisement revenues of the Hubs.

    Actually we use only ad programms that offer CPC, CPA as well Lead or Sales Comission. This is from economic view not very efficient, every Hub writer as well Hubpage takes the full risk of low clickrates as well low conversion rates of some products and services.

    There are a few advertising networks that offer pay per view campaigns and it would be useful for all users as well the hubpage owners to integrate them beside the existing partners.

    Just think that I receive on one of my German webpages always between 0,5 €- 5 Euro per 1000 Ad Impressions. With three ad spaces at one page this are already 1,50 € -15 €. So about $ 2-20 USD per 1000 valid page impressions.

    But when I would use only CPC campaigns, then the 3000 Ad Impressions from the 1000 PI´s may would bring only 1-3 clicks and this is worth maybe 5-150 Cent.

    So with pay per view campaigns we could multiply the income about 10 times.

    Furthermore Hubpage as whole is a very attractive platform with many Page Impressions. A premium brand.

    If you then compare for instance what CPM prices Yahoo and others receive (up to $ 100 USD CPM) then it would make sense that Hubpages sells the ad apaces and just would pay 70% to the Hubbers. A premium platform can sell Ad space to other premium brands. And even if Hubpage would manage to establish CPM´s $ 20-40 of then it would still enormously boost the revenue.

    We all would earn much more money by that and then certainly Hubpage would attract much more users and the community could grow.

    We could achieve a triple Win situation, in that the owners of Hubpage would earn more, the Hubbers would earn more as well premium advertisers would have the chance to earn more.

    1. pertibha321 profile image44
      pertibha321posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      its unbelievable to know that some ad network can pay as much for 1000 ad views when they know its going to give them very less clicks.