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    Ashwinspga1posted 7 years ago

    To the HP team hi,
    I'm Ashwinspga

    I 've been a member of this site for more than 3 yrs. a few days ago i logged in to check my account and realized my account has been deactivated.I think the reason for the ban was one of my hubs

    Desperate for Love.Women taking off their clothes for some attention … -attention

    was flagged as adult content and i was repeatedly asked to revise the hub before i publish it again. but instead of revising i sent an email to you asking you guys to point out to me what was that i needed to change before the hub was given the green light to be published again.I didn't get a reply so i just sent the hub back to you to publish it again and again and again till i think you decided to do the honorable thing and just ban me from HP.

    I published that hub 3 yrs ago and the content of that hub didn't have anything to do with sex. Rather it was about women who stripped for a cause eg PETA, Anti-war activists etc. and it had not been flagged even once ever since it was published.Since my Google adsense account is still active i think its one of the HP terms and conditions that i may had violated. It must be a new rule i wasn't aware of cuz like i said i had this hub since 2008
    I havent been here for sometime now and i wasn't aware of any rule changes.

    Can the HP team please reinstate my account? It not difficult to start over again but my fans. those medals of honor in my profile page, my long service. i would really miss all of them. I'll delete that offending hub and promise to be a good boy and take appropriate actions next time i see an alert on one of my hubs. Please pardon my mistake/mistakes and let me start afresh with my old account again...

    Yours faithfully

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      Website Examinerposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      It is impossible to start over again. Setting up a new account to circumvent a ban is against the TOS and will get all of your accounts banned from HubPages.

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    WryLiltposted 7 years ago

    I think they were well within their rights to ban you if you kept going against their repeated hub revisions.

    Maybe this will clear up some of your questions: … wer=105957

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