Is java script not search engine friendly?

  1. vishnuprk profile image38
    vishnuprkposted 9 years ago

    Is it true that Java scripts are not se friendly. For Serach friendly one should use php scripts? Any answer?

  2. Mark Marek profile image53
    Mark Marekposted 9 years ago

    It depends on what exactly your javascript is used for. You can use it for server side rendering of your pages - in which case it will not affect your search engine spidering, as java will only be used to generate an html page that will be outputted as per surfers request (by clicking on a link) which is the same principle on which php works. However javascript is way more powerful in many other aspects and can be used by creating interactive applications you can add to your pages. You can also use java script to execute linking to external pages - which is a technique used by some webmasters to make their pages appears to search engines robots as if they had no external links on. Javascript is also used by advertising networks, such as google's adsense, which also serves as a safe way to place the links on the page, but no "a href" code appears in the source - hence not recognized as a link.

    Javascript has wide range of uses so it always depends. In general, you’re best to program your site in PHP or ASP and only use javascript for small applications that those server based programming languages can’t achieve.

  3. hot dorkage profile image71
    hot dorkageposted 9 years ago

    Javascript are programs that do not run until AFTER they are delivered to your web browser.  Search engines look at all the content of a page but they do not run the javascripts.  So for example on my blog I have a javascript that gets all my bloglines subs in a certain category.  If a human pulls up the page in a browser the links will be fetched.  But the search engines will never see them and the search engine don't count them as backlinks to those blogs.  If I wanted to be nicer to those blogs   I should probably fetch those links serverside with PHP instead of using the easy javascript way.  The serverside scripts create the page FIRST and the search engine will see everything they did.   That is why they say javascript is not search engine friendly.  That is why adsense don't count as backlinks either, it is because they are served from javascript.