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An Amazon Recovery?

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    ryankettposted 7 years ago

    Please note that I do not intend to create over-optimism, it is just an observation and it is still very early days. I did seem to get a little criticism for suggesting that I was seeing a small recovery, but please believe that this recovery does (whilst very small) at least appear to be happening and I back that up with screenshots, graphs, whatever.

    Yesterday I reported some decent Google.com traffic growth over a few days, yesterday it was static (but sustained). Today I had a quick look at my Amazon stats for the month:

    2011/03/01    239    15    6.28%
    2011/03/02    212    1    0.47%
    2011/03/03    198    5    2.53%
    2011/03/04    198    2    1.01%
    2011/03/05    230    6    2.61%
    2011/03/06    234    0    0.00%
    2011/03/07    257    5    1.95%
    2011/03/08    207    6    2.90%
    2011/03/09    224    5    2.23%
    2011/03/10    185    4    2.16%
    2011/03/11    186    2    1.08%
    2011/03/12    214    5    2.34%
    2011/03/13    255    10    3.92%
    2011/03/14    258    10    3.88%
    2011/03/15    248    6    2.42%
    2011/03/16    235    9    3.83%

    Now, I'm not kidding myself, I WAS shifting 20 items a day and had a CTR of around 5%-6% typically (against more clicks too), and typically a couple of those were high value items. These are all low value items. But, an increase in Amazon clicks and a better CTR seems to support my theory that my US unique traffic is slowly coming back for me. I have no idea what happened on 1st March, that was a good day all round.

    It should perhaps be noted that some Americans get paid on 15th March, so I am awaiting (but not holding my breath) stats for the whole month to paint a bigger picture.

    The pleasing this is that the stats seem to show a slight (yes, SLIGHT), recovery in some of my important sales pages. Again, I will keep you updated as I proceed with my strategy for change.

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      WryLiltposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Just a quick note, as I'm sure someone will jump in and comment:

      You are allowed to disclose your Amazon CTR but you are not allowed to disclose your Adsense CTR (it's against their ToS.)

      And OT:

      I hope you're right Ryan. My Amazon this month is down about 80%.

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        ryankettposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Well I am right, in that I am seeing a small recovery.

        But I too hope that it is a sustained and very real one, I am making a lot of changes to the way that I do things as a hubber individually.

        It will take another two weeks of stats for me to connect the two though. I would take my performance over the last 4 days for the rest of this month, and then see where I can build from there.

        IF this is the shoots of a recovery, it is still a long haul back. Interestingly, the sales pages that I am seeing recover have NEVER been backlinked by me, the only changes are on-page.

        But we will see where I stand in the long run. A lot of 'Ifs' and 'Buts' and but if I can learn anything I would be happy to share.

        And lol at answering the inevitable before it happens lol

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      Mutiny92posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I hope you are right.  I usually see surges in Amazon during the few days around the first and 15th of the month.  I think it is because of paydays.  In between, I see minor drops.

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        ryankettposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        I did note the pay day (US military I believe get paid 15th), but I am also seeing a correlation between US traffic and Amazon sales/clicks.

        And to be honest, that is the most important traffic to me, the American sales page traffic. Like I said, it depend what happens for the remainder of this month, very early days.

        But, I am feeling optimistic for the first time post-algo, and that is a good thing in itself.