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What do you write your Hubs about and why?

  1. Ritsos profile image44
    Ritsosposted 6 years ago

    My initial reason for joining HP was it looked like a good way to earn money through writing, though of course, I joined at a bad time lol .. typical.

    I've been here a month now and it's been interesting seeing how my topics have developed.

    I'm a bit of a jack of all trades person and many of my interests are minority which mean low earning usually.

    My first few posts were a bit random but I now seem to have developed a few strands which keeps my interest in writing fresh and I do wonder about those who write purely for money, unless it's something they are genuinely interested in.

    Mine seem to fall into 4 main categories.

    My interests - current hub themes are rembetika music, buddhism,art and Greece

    Commentary - I've done hubs on Libya and Consumerism .. I intend to do more of these although probably poor earners

    Recipes - these are quick and easy when I don't have much time to write but keeps the hubs increasing

    Money making hubs - these are ones I write about that I hope/think will be popular and may bring some money in though I may not find them interesting to write. I probably need to do more of these

    that's my two 'pennorth .. any thoughts .. or how do you decide what to write about?

    1. superwags profile image76
      superwagsposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I tend to find that I write about anything that has been in my head for longer than a couple of hours!

      Nature and science mainly - my main love.

      Was planning to do a couple of recipes - but the one I wrote up with a bit of history managed just about zero views. A couple of jokey hubs too.

      Not sure I've been here long enough to pick up much of a following, or whether that'll really help to generate traffic anyway.

      I don't write stuff with the foremost intention of making money here, because I don't think that that'll happen without putting a lot more time and effort in. I also know zero about backlinking or page ranking etc!

  2. wilderness profile image97
    wildernessposted 6 years ago

    I mostly write about home improvement projects and tools as they are subjects I'm familiar with and enjoy.

    Like you, I toss a few sales hubs in as (hopefully) money makers.

  3. Mark Ewbie profile image87
    Mark Ewbieposted 6 years ago

    I have no interests or knowledge worth writing about.  I like writing misleading, spoof and hopefully amusing stuff - like long forum wind up posts, but even longer obviously.

    Somehow I am trying to combine my enjoyment of this with the desire to get search traffic and ideally make some money.

    So I need to create search friendly titles with pages that the visitor will be pleasantly surprised on finding rather than immediately back arrow or be disappointed.

    It's an interesting dilemma which I am yet to resolve.

    I may be completely mad.