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Yellow up arrows on my hub?

  1. Richieb799 profile image75
    Richieb799posted 6 years ago

    what does this mean? it means I've been staring at them too long! Just wanted to see if this goes viral tongue

    How is everyone?

  2. Cagsil profile image60
    Cagsilposted 6 years ago

    Interesting thread, but could go viral depending on many things(factors). tongue

    I'm doing well and hopeful that you are as well. smile

  3. Richieb799 profile image75
    Richieb799posted 6 years ago

    Good to here Cags, btw the way, you started the viral outbreak to this thread now tongue

  4. Cagsil profile image60
    Cagsilposted 6 years ago

    That's okay. I don't mind being the starter of something that can have the possibility of something positive.

    Communication/language between people is key, the social interaction is key to growing as a person and finding a balance with those who live among each of us. smile

  5. Richieb799 profile image75
    Richieb799posted 6 years ago

    Good point Cags, to the experienced hubers this will be seen as a joke but to noobs it will serve as an education about the icons we have in our accounts smile

  6. Cagsil profile image60
    Cagsilposted 6 years ago

    The icons are just that icons. They have their own explanation, just like those who use real pictures. The avatar does matter, regardless of what it is.

    Some see it as a private issues and others have no privacy issues. Now, whether or not, mine is a privacy issue? It's not, simply because I sign everything with my name and as a freelance writer working for myself, what avatar I have should make a difference. If it does, then people need to get over themselves.

    I hide no fact of who I am, what I bring to the table and I make no excuses for the words I use in my posts. I am comfortable with myself, learned to accept who I am and what my life is to represent. I may not be the most educated person in the world and I don't feel that I need to be. I live through wisdom gained from the knowledge learned and experience of living.

    I'm a simple person attempting to show people a better path and that path leads to peace. wink

  7. ddsurfsca profile image74
    ddsurfscaposted 6 years ago

    What people use as their avatar says something about their personality, about who or what they want others to see or not to see in them for whatever personal reasons.
    I think the keyword here is issues, privacy issues I believe you said. I tend to protect my self from the outside world, not because I am ashamed or hiding anything but only because of some of the nut jobs one can get involved with.  I like to use avatars that have memories or people I love, or a message I feel important or that I want to share. 
    As far as what I write or say here, I will never not say something for fear of someone not liking it or making others angry.  Communication between peoples has been on the decline and I am so glad that the online writing makes it easy for everyone to speak their mind easily.