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add veoh to the list of video servers

  1. anime_nanet profile image60
    anime_nanetposted 9 years ago

    Admins of hubpages, please consider the possibility of adding Veoh to the list of sites that you can embed videos from.

    The high quality of the videos present there could be an asset to hubpages.

    ps. - no publicity intended. Just a suggestion

    1. profile image0
      shinujohn2008posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Are you owner of that site?

      1. anime_nanet profile image60
        anime_nanetposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        No, I just link to it on my hubs and I would prefer having the option of embed the videos instead. The quality of the videos is way better than youtube or google videos. Also they have videos of more than 20min of duration, which I favour in my hubs.

  2. WeddingConsultant profile image68
    WeddingConsultantposted 9 years ago

    First of all anime, welcome to hubpages!

    Secondly, I'm not sure that wanting a video player that supports more than 20 minutes of video is a good enough reason to try and get veoh here.

    As of now, hubpages allows you to use youtube, revver and metacafe and nothing more. You mentioned google videos, but they're not allowed here.

    Isn't there a player out of those three that you could use? Personally I have found Veoh to be a bit too much like TV in the way they market it and have found little use for it although I have an account there. It's certainly not on my "top five video website" list for usability and popularity.

  3. gamergirl profile image61
    gamergirlposted 9 years ago

    Having veoh supported here would mean we would have all kinds of folks trying to post whole movies in with their hubs - kinda like this anime guy wants to do I imagine. sad

  4. anime_nanet profile image60
    anime_nanetposted 9 years ago

    To Wedding:

    I added already some videos from google video using the video capsule provided by hubpages, so it's suported.

    Plus they have more than 20 minutes also, they are just lower quality than veoh. I'm sure there's more video sites with good video quality. I personally like veoh, that's all.

    To the other poster:

    In veoh to my knowing videos with more than 30 minutes you only see a preview of them of 5 minutes then you have to download an application called veoh TV in order to see them. So no, I wouldn't post entire movies with it - altough I have done it once (with google videos, btw).

    Even in Veoh quality is not that good (certainly not enough to match an original full screen movie dvd).

    It was just a suggestion, but some people saw it as having second intentions, as it seems, so I won't write nothing more on this subject.

  5. WeddingConsultant profile image68
    WeddingConsultantposted 9 years ago

    anime, you're right, google video is now an option (learn something new everyday), but I have to ask- why on earth would you even use google video? It's got some of the worst video quality I've ever seen of video websites out there.

    And yes GG, I suspect anime will toss hubs up chalk full of uber long anime videos and a couple words to go with it and call it a day.

    This is another reason why veoh videos shouldn't be allowed on hubpages.