Have you experience difficulty in returning product to Clickbank?

  1. Ipeoney profile image82
    Ipeoneyposted 6 years ago

    Most digital product that we buy usually doesn't say anything about the very important detail about the product. We basically don't know about what's inside. It will say sometthing like pushbutton, 1 click, 3 clicks to finacial freedom etc... But we don't know what really inside the product until we buy and open it...

    To be fair to buyers like us, why is it difficult to return it to Clickbank if after we found out what is inside we didn't like it, we didn't want the product, it failed our expectation, we wanted a more up to date product and not the story of the writer's life, the product is old we happen to already know it ourselves through our everyday research etc...

    Most product will not tell you in the sales page that there is an upsell that will cost you a 19 dollars for hosting every month, it won't tell you that there is another upsell that will cost you more than $100 to get a website plus monthly fees, and without this upsell the product is worthless just a story of their life.

    Whereas in Walmart or other stores, we see the product with our two eyes, we feel the products with our two hands an yet it is easy to return the product when we decided we didn't like the product after all.

    It is really sad, I hope that when we try to earn money online, we also think that most of our buyers didn't have much money and barely able to afford the product. And if they already know what you are selling, or if they don't need your kind of product, give them the chance to return it without any problem.

    Have any of you experience difficulty in returning product to Clickbank? Would you share your experience please?