Got 1K, hey, not bucks but pageviews...Yet unhappy

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  1. Ronnie_Dey profile image59
    Ronnie_Deyposted 7 years ago

    Got 1k pageview the other day, exactly 1062 but unhappy...

    Everyone shares a part of their story, now I guess its my time. This is my first forum post. well, I am not a profilic writer.

    Joined Hubpages with the sole aim of gifting a 'cell phone' to my closest friend from my earings (yet a far away to achieve it). But slowly fell in love with the community, some beautiful profile pictures and thought-provoking comments. A wonderful past, and a hovering future, is what makes the journey, well I use the keyword="uncertain". However the only thing that makes me lament is, participation...

    Often often often I have seen 2-3 hubs published within a minutes, under the recent activity thread....Earnestly wish to go back to those days of awesome hub activity...

    A special request to all newbies, including myself, bring more and more of views from social organic views have curtailed by more than 80% an average. At least let the stats move on and the thoughts be positive....

    Ever wondered the pontential of thought energies, they have created miracles in the past, and are also creating now....

    All said...
    Shared with love..

    1. psf profile image72
      psfposted 7 years ago

      Hi Ronnie_Dey, don't get disappointed, be happy and keep try..surely you will succeed!

      please don't forget tell about me when you gift the cellphone to your closest heart smile

      I wish you all the best

    2. JP993 profile image90
      JP993posted 7 years ago

      Think about being on Hubpages for the long haul, everything takes time. You will experience something called the snowball effect at first you will see small, but worth while amounts of progress but it then compounds and gets bigger and bigger. View Ryankett's hubs to push your hubs further.

    3. Ronnie_Dey profile image59
      Ronnie_Deyposted 7 years ago

      Thanks Bri Gee, psf and JP993

      Bri Gee, I did hear about Examineer and Suite101 previously.

      That's done psf, I tell about you to my friend and yea Ryan is surely an example to follow, a man we know, who gets 50,000 views a day under his online network (donno what how much he is getting presently, its a forum post throufh which I got to know).

      Lets Hope!!


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