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Constructive criticism encouraged.

  1. John Olson profile image60
    John Olsonposted 6 years ago

    Hello there, fellow Hubbers.

    Since I'm new here, and have only published 4 hubs so far, I'm very willing to get bashed from every possible directions with criticism, suggestions and ideas from more experienced Users.

    Thank You All in advance, and have a great day.

    My hubs:


    1. kschang profile image87
      kschangposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I looked at the 5 Nuclear Disaster One. Some comments in whatever order they came into my head... smile

      1) Finish this! You said FIVE disaster, but there's only THREE in the hub!

      2) Consider using more "sidebars". For example, the 8 levels should be a sidebar TABLE. All the pictures should also be sidebars. It'll be a bit small, but it doesn't break up the flow of the text.

      3) You need a short summary at the beginning, like

      Common Name of Disaster (YEAR)
      Location: city / state / country (link to Google Map)
      Level: INES level number
      Casualties: direct death, irradiated
      Property damage: (est.)
      Cause: neglected maintainence, cooling failure, natural disaster, etc.

      4) In each of the disaster you should discuss what was the lesson learned from each case.

      5) Including an 'environment' picture doesn't add much to the story. I'd skip the photo of the town / city, IMHO.

  2. thooghun profile image81
    thooghunposted 6 years ago

    There's nothing to bash John, don't fret. But there are a few things I'd consider incorporating in your hubs:

    1) You can fit text, video and photo capsules to the right of a text capsule, it can lead to a more aesthetically pleasing and compact hub (feel free to check my latest hubs out with that in mind -- I'm not the best hubber out there, but I've been on here long enough to pickup a tip now and then).

    2) Your hubs lack keyword optimized, relevant outbound links. Not a necessity obviously, but if could help with SEO.

    3) I found that leaving Amazon capsules lumped at the very end led to poor conversion rates. I hate the best results with hanging them to the right of text.

    4) I feel you could break up text a little more with some eye candy -- personal opinion, I'm not sure everyone would agree.

    All in all, a very nice start. Keep it up!

  3. John Olson profile image60
    John Olsonposted 6 years ago

    Thank You for Your tips thooghun.