HubPages On FlipBoard

  1. jacharless profile image81
    jacharlessposted 6 years ago

    Maybe you do not know of this amazing company, yet, but Flipboard rocks the App Store. Recently, my neighbor -a VC Marketer- told me a story about a guy who walked into their Venture Cap office b-roke and walked out 10 million richer. Six times during his "presentation" was interrupted and told to leave. In his persistence, they "looked" @ his App -which is actually a full web based application for iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. An hour later, they cut him a check.

    Apps have come and gone. But very cool progs are, well, very cool indeed. And FlipBoard is such a program. Not only does it display high quality Magazine Style, it learns and remembers your favorite things. I use social bookmarks and rss to store my fav`s, but this, this is just candy!

    Now, I know Hub Pages has their own iApp, but really, REALLY, this would definitely be a major outlet for Hubs, as the prog can feed in new topics followed, pubs published, even forum posts, learns what each individual reader likes and sends them a bunch more. Think Pinterest for Hubs. I mean, the Mag Style viewing on iPad is just ridiculously stunning (or as I used to remark about my food: disgustingly beautiful.)

    Any chance Hub Staff? Yes, No, A Very positive maybe?