Amazon Capsule not finding Amazon products via keywords

  1. Dave Powell profile image60
    Dave Powellposted 6 years ago

    Hello, I posted this in the wrong forum... and was told to put it here! I'm a newbe (about 3 weeks)... and have created my Amazon Associates account and activated it on HubPages. But when I try to use an Amazon Capsule to pull in Amazon products through keywords, all I keep getting is the "No Products Found" message that others have reported. And the advice given by others here hasn't help-- Repeatedly clicking the "Review Amazon Results" link has no effect... and even trying to insert URLS for specific product-search results in the Capsule's URL fields doesn't work.

    But when I search Amazon itself using the very same keywords and URLs, I get hundreds of products. So is the Amazon Capsule broken right now... or have I missed a critical step in the process? Again, I have an approved Amazon Associates account... and have activated my HubPages "Amazon Affiliate" link. So what else do I need to do?

    Many Thanks!

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      Dave Powellposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I have more information about this problem! When I put only 1 keyword in the Amazon Capsule's "Keywords" field, it works. But when I try to use two or more keywords (separated by spaces or commas), the Capsule fails to find products. Is it broken? Or... and this may be the real question... can the keywords be exclusive (can they be for entirely different products, like shoes, purses, and books)... or must they ALL relate to the same type of product (such as books)?