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  1. anime_nanet profile image58
    anime_nanetposted 15 years ago

    Hi people!

    Is there a nice software out there that helps me to find nice keywords to use in my hubs?

    Not only that, I have some hubs that I think have bad keywords. Is there a program that can show me the keywords most cliked regarding a particular word or theme?

    1. softtalk profile image61
      softtalkposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      There is a tool called Orwell I use it to find out the relevant keywords for my articles, and to adjust the keywords density of the articles. Though It will not help you fully, but it is worth trying.

    2. profile image0
      terrygposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Its called - wait for it - its called - A SEARCH ENGINE.

      Oh my gooodness how - you might ask.

      Well if your thinking of a topic put the topic (or your keyword) into a search engine.

      Then - here comes the tricky part - look for the first entry that has /tag/ in it.

      That means the best tag for your searched for keyword will be your first keyword, follow this through the pages until you have found several /tag/ and you will then have your keywords for that topic.

      Easy when you think about it as it is keyword specific, don't you think.

      Another slight trick that works everytime. That's why /tag/ is indexed.

      1. sukkran profile image60
        sukkranposted 15 years agoin reply to this

        great information. thks.

  2. ngureco profile image81
    ngurecoposted 15 years ago
    1. Trsmd profile image56
      Trsmdposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Very good thanks..

    2. sukkran profile image60
      sukkranposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      thnks for this vluable info.

  3. Rudra profile image67
    Rudraposted 15 years ago

    seobook keyword tool

  4. ngureco profile image81
    ngurecoposted 15 years ago

    Did you know that SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool is a tool using Wordtracker's API?

  5. Research Analyst profile image73
    Research Analystposted 15 years ago

    I would suggest Article Jockey, it works well for specific keywords.

  6. PLM profile image61
    PLMposted 15 years ago

    I use googles tool simply because it's free and the source is straight from google themselves with more accurate and updated information then most other KW research tools

    I have paid for and use a tool called Adwords Analyzer and have found that with googles free tool I really didn't need adwords analyzer, but I broke down and got it for my tool box simply because I like the power of it and the information I can pull out from it.  I haven't needed anything else to be honest.  Nothing I've seen has KW data as updated or fresh as googles own.

    I've used a few other tools for this purpose and found the information I got for my own researching niches was simply outdated and while not useless.. I was miffed because the data was incorrect.

    Example is you may be searching a niche in the weight loss industry and start marketing for long tail keyword "How to lose weight before my wedding" ...the information of search index for the month might be old data coming from several months ago.  The reason is this can be a seasonal niche where summer and spring time the key word research is showing higher search numbers then in winter and fall months.  That to me is not data I want.  If I'm doing my research for now, I want something hot now... not something hot from 6 months ago.  Savvy?

    I want the fresh and most current data from last month or even currently what the index searches are for this week in fact.  Ok now that I've rambled on like a mad man again I will leave you with my buck fifty on keyword here.  Hope you find good use from it and again I will stress this fact..  Google's free tool is all anyone will ever need in my personal opinion.

    Priest McLane

  7. ngureco profile image81
    ngurecoposted 15 years ago

    That’s right. Google Keyword Tool Is very good for Google search engine.

  8. Rudra profile image67
    Rudraposted 15 years ago

    A word of caution; some tools report back the searches to the owner.

  9. profile image53
    Aradhana08posted 15 years ago

    You can use any of the tool google adwords, wordtarcker. Both are the best for finding relevant keywords. for more help you can use google insight . goolge insight helps you to find out that which keyword will become more popular in future.

  10. laflat7 profile image40
    laflat7posted 15 years ago

    i vote for Google Adwords too, because it is _free_of_charge_ And you can import data to .csv file. It is pretty good for beginners.

  11. broalexdotinfo profile image57
    broalexdotinfoposted 15 years ago

    Marketers use more advanced keyword trackers such as Keyword County, but Adwords Tool is a good one as well.

    1. JYOTI KOTHARI profile image61
      JYOTI KOTHARIposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      County is top. Google insight is very good for advanced users.

  12. anime_nanet profile image58
    anime_nanetposted 15 years ago

    I started using all the tools you pointed here! Thanks a lot for your help!

    HubLove to you!

  13. shuey 03 profile image54
    shuey 03posted 15 years ago

    The Google keyword tool is amazing! It supplies you with so much data there is no way you can select the wrong keywords.

    Good luck!!!

  14. rmshdc profile image57
    rmshdcposted 15 years ago

    Google Keyword Tool is nice tool.  My vote for it.

  15. Jery profile image62
    Jeryposted 15 years ago

    I, too use Google's tool also. Google's first page is where I want to be, so get the info straight from goog. My two cents.

  16. xtraTiny profile image62
    xtraTinyposted 15 years ago

    Thanks all........the above links really helpful. It helps me much.

  17. pariprashneno profile image59
    pariprashnenoposted 15 years ago

    My favorite is Google Keyword tool.

    But everything is not everything and everytime. Sometimes Google Keyword tool also cannot serve the purposes. So you need a change.

    It is rather better to select your keyword tool according to the objective you want to achieve. Like what's hot now? What's the most profitable secondary keyword?

    My tips from my own experiences is just jot down what you want to achieve and then take the help from google search - just play with the rest you will get what you want.

    But I am not ready to accept anything as the final word.

  18. Research Analyst profile image73
    Research Analystposted 15 years ago

    What about SpyFu has anyone tried them?

    1. profile image0
      terrygposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      Hi RA, spyfu is brilliant for getting the cpc on a keyword. Underneath they also have related keywords, from memory bottom right corner.

      Spyfu is good to target a paying keyword, if the keyword does not pay then Spyfu returns no result nd thats a keyword not to focus on.

  19. sabrebIade profile image80
    sabrebIadeposted 15 years ago

    I have to go with the Google Keyword Tool as well.
    The second runner up for me at least is the SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool.
    And both are free.

    1. sukkran profile image60
      sukkranposted 15 years agoin reply to this

      pl let me know how can i get there tools?

  20. Marlene F. profile image66
    Marlene F.posted 15 years ago

    Thank you everyone for the great information.  New to Hubpages and never really understood keywording too well.

  21. profile image57
    diva to beposted 15 years ago

    Good advise about the adword and search engine. Going to try them.


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