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  1. melbel profile image96
    melbelposted 7 years ago

    This is something I've been thinking about for a while.

    Sometimes I have an idea for a hub, but need a little help developing the idea:
      -coming up with a keyword for the idea
      -coming up with some specifics on the topic, etc.

    For example, I'm going to school for computer science and am learning all sorts of things. I would like to write a hub on some of the things I learn, but I can't just write a hub called "The Perl programming language." That's kind of a broad topic. If I had a guiding hand, someone to ask me questions about what I know:
    "Well, what did you learn about Perl?" Then I could kind of list out different aspects of the Perl programming language that I know of and the person could be like, "Well, here are a few keywords/titles that you might be interested in writing about"
    How to Interpolate a String in Perl

    Another example is that I talked a friend into joining HubPages and this person would like to write topics surrounding homosexuality. For example, gay friendly places to visit, gay friendly bars, etc. However, in helping this person find a specific topic to write about using Google AdWords, I was at a HUGE loss. I couldn't find anything -- and I really don't know very much about the stuff this person wants to write about, so I'm not the best helper.

    I was thinking this could perhaps be an Elite program where an elite can help a person come up with ideas. Sometimes I come up with a great idea for a hub and I worry that if I publish my question on the forums, it'll be a free for all for my idea. So, instead, my undeveloped ideas just stay well, undeveloped.

    If I had someone to talk over my idea with, it would be very helpful. Also, I would love helping others develop ideas. Sometimes it's just hard for me with my own ideas because it's a little difficult seeing the forest from the trees.

    Here are two sample conversations

    New_Hubber: Help! I can't come up with an idea. I enjoy cooking, I have cats and know a lot about that, I am a plumber by trade. I would enjoy writing about any of those things, especially cooking.
    Helper: What kinds of things do you cook? What are your specialties?
    New_Hubber: I cook a lot of meat dishes, I'm known for my meatloaf.
    Helper: Tell me about your meatloaf recipe, what kind of meatloaf do you make?
    New_Hubber: Well, I'm diabetic, so I make a meatloaf that the whole family loves, but doesn't interfere with my low-carb diet.
    Helper: Here are some possible titles for a hub about making meatloaf:
    -A Healthy Meatloaf Recipe Kids Will Love
    -Delicious Low Carb Meatloaf Recipes

    New_Hubber: I have an idea for a hub on recycling shoes, but am not really sure what to write about. I checked the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and 'recycling shoes' only gets 320 searches per month.
    Helper: Here's an idea! 12 Things That Are Made with Recycled Shoes. Your keyword could be "recycled shoes" which gets more searches per month than "recycling shoes."

    Probably a dumb idea, but I seriously always have questions regarding developing a topic and would LOVE to work one-on-one with someone as I'm apprehensive sometimes about using the forums. (Perhaps it's because I'm an uber introvert, believe it or not.) Also, when I am greeting users and read about them in their profiles, I often ask them questions regarding a topic they appear interested in, in order to help them come up with an idea for a hub. Also, I would find benefit in this, getting topics of mine developed.

    -The "helper" might steal ideas
    -A seriously huge number of hubbers might ask questions... 10 helpers and 1000 hubbers asking questions a day is an overload.
    -Users might use this "service" in order to create content on other sites instead of HubPages.

    1. Glenn Stok profile image98
      Glenn Stokposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Melbel, that's a great topic for discussion at your upcoming local HubMeet in Indiana. I have a few newbie Hubbers at my local HubMeets and I think this type of discussion can help them a lot.

      The advantage is that you keep it limited to your own local group of Hubbers who attend. So they alone will reap the rewards, which could inspire them to attend your meetings. There are Hubbers near my Local HubMeet in Long Island who haven't attended yet. A theme of discussing Hub Ideas could give them a reason to join. And it's a great way to come up with ideas in a controlled local setting.

      What do you think?

      1. melbel profile image96
        melbelposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        That's a fantastic idea! Sadly, I don't think many people know about the meetup or there are very few hubbers from this area.

        1. Glenn Stok profile image98
          Glenn Stokposted 7 years agoin reply to this

          Melbel,  I had only 3 other people at my first HubMeet. It grows by 1 or 2 additional each time you meet. I have my 4th coming up in September and we have 12 people in the group already. Although they don't all come, but I am sure they will after a while when they see what they are missing. Your idea in the thread will be something terrible to be missed as it is so important for any writer.

          Be patient and give it a chance. Everyone else gave up before their first meeting. I don't know why HP started this and then isn't following up to promote it. But I would love it if there was another group such as yours so that we can compare notes.

          Write a Hub about each HubMeet like I am doing. That will get the word out for your group. You just have to get past the first meeting even if you only have a couple of people. Hang in there.  You write well and you have good ideas. So people will find out about it in time and will want to come. I am sure there are at least a handful of Hubbers near you. 

          I didn't think we had 12 here on Long Island.  And that's not counting a couple of others  who, I see from their profile, live nearby also.

  2. Danette Watt profile image84
    Danette Wattposted 7 years ago

    I think that's a neat idea, sort of like a writing coach. What if HP had a few people 'assigned' or volunteered as "coaches" sort of like the HP elites who greet new hubbers.

    The person wanting help could contact HP and ask for a coach, then the two would work together to develop a few ideas for the hubber.

    I'd seriously consider volunteering for that because I think that's one of my strengths.


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