New book explores the mysteries of southpaws

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    Stacie Lposted 6 years ago

    By Cari Nierenberg
    How do we explain that through the centuries, all over the world, there has always been a consistent left-handed minority of people of around 10 percent? Author Rik Smits attempts to answer this question in his new book "The Puzzle of Left-handedness."
    "We know for certain that genetics is involved in left-handedness, since it runs in families" says Smits, who is left-handed and a science writer in the Netherlands. A left-handed parent is twice as likely to have a left-handed child, and two left-handed parents are three to four times as likely to have a southpaw son or daughter. … ?gt1=43001
    I'm not left handed but always felt that lefties or southpaws were treated worse and made to feel unwelcome,especially in schools. Any lefties want to relate experiences today?