Code Capsule Feature Requests

  1. melbel profile image96
    melbelposted 6 years ago

    Code Capsule Line Numbers Show During Edit
    Currently we can't view line numbers unless we preview a hub-in-progress. It would be awesome to see them as we're writing the hub so that we can umm more easily reference line numbers (so we don't have to keep looking back as we're writing.)

    Syntax Highlighting
    On a side note, a better looking syntax highlighter would be nice, too.

    It would be nice to have multiple styles of code capsules for example if we want to write a programming hub on writing a program with multiple files. It would be easy, then, for readers to differentiate which is file_a and which is file_b

    Command Prompt/Bash
    Okay, so I am in the middle of writing a programming hub and it would be REALLY cool if there was was a capsule that resembled a bash prompt so I can show what the output should look like.

    It would work just like the code capsule, but would look like a bash prompt so that readers can quickly differentiate between code capsules and bash capsules. Also, readers would quickly see "Oh hey, that's what the code is supposed to output."

    I mean, I COULD use a picture, but that would mean a lot of pictures. tongue I'll go and use pics for now and on monday or tuesday when I publish this baby, ya'll can see what I mean.