How to publish

  1. tanmaykumar45 profile image61
    tanmaykumar45posted 6 years ago

    I wrote my hub about a day before. However, i couldn't publish it as i was waiting for my confirmation code. But now i have received the code and now i am not able to figure out, how to publish it now. Plz help me out.
    Thank You

  2. wordscribe43 profile image94
    wordscribe43posted 6 years ago

    Go into edit mode on your hub. On the top of that page there's a publish now button.  Hope that helps.

  3. QuestionMaster profile image85
    QuestionMasterposted 6 years ago

    Access your unpublished hubs on your account page:

    Then press edit. At the top of the page will be a green publish button.

    If you're new to the site, you may want to put a link to your new hub in the extreme hub makeover forum.