New Hubber..How did I do?

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    WalkWithJesusposted 6 years ago
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      quotationsposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      You have good content but you could improve your hub with the following:

      1. add relevant images (for example of acne) and label them
      2. add at least one youtube video related to your topic

      You might also consider setting up a different account with a different user name and publishing future hubs under your new account. You have to understand that your username "walkwithjesus" will influence how you do in the search engine rankings and possibly affect traffic negatively because:

      1. google reads the words in your web address, in this case "" - and when it identifies the word Jesus in your domain name it will assume that your content is religious. But since you have written about acne, there will be a discrepancy between what google's algorithm expects to find at that address and your actual content which can cause you to be labelled as a spammer and struck from the search results. At the very least the presence of a non relevant word will not help you rank higher in the search results. Much better would be (but that is probably already taken so you would have to look for other combinations)

      2. some people may not click on an a web link that seems religious even if they are interested in your acne article because they may assume wrongly that there you are preaching to them under the guise of telling them how to cure their acne.

      My comments about your username are from a search engine optimization perspective and are not in any way meant as a comment or criticism of your religious beliefs.

      Best of luck with your writing and welcome to hubpages.