Another Hub Stealer on the Loose!

  1. GAbaptist profile image76
    GAbaptistposted 6 years ago

    Found another site today that is lifting how-to articles about woodworking, home improvement, etc. He had two articles of mine ranking higher than the originals. This one has a protected identity domain so I was unable to get the info on the registrar or site admin, so I went ahead and filed a DMCA complaint with Google. Others who write articles along these lines may want to check the site. It is located at:

    URL: www(dot)woodworkingplansntips(dot)com

    He changes the titles, but the body of the articles is word for word.

    1. kannanwrites profile image93
      kannanwritesposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      This is true, not just HP but also Wikipedia and Ezinearticles.