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Photos missing in my hubs.

  1. moonlake profile image91
    moonlakeposted 6 years ago

    Some of my photos are missing in my hub. I see them when I edit but they are gone when I save. Above where it says pictures there is a marked out going through them. Strange they are my photos so I don't know what is going on. Has anyone else had this problem?

  2. moonlake profile image91
    moonlakeposted 6 years ago

    Sorry I mean to say the photo above the picture has a slash through it. Here's an example of it. The photos aren't the only things missing so is some of the text.

  3. ralfneels profile image59
    ralfneelsposted 6 years ago

    Yeah, I have the same problem: I see the the pictures in my edit window and when I look at my published article the pictures are gone. And they're striped out to in my edit window, the photo above the picture has a slash through it. What does it mean? Can somebody please answer?

  4. 2uesday profile image81
    2uesdayposted 6 years ago

    It means you need to go back in to edit the hub and look at the box that says something like do not display this capsule. If you tick the do not display box it makes the capsule hidden on the published hub.

  5. Moon Willow Lake profile image76
    Moon Willow Lakeposted 6 years ago

    I remember a long while back, before the changes to the site were made, I once had a photo issue with just one of my photos on one of my hubs. I don't recall all of the details of it, but I was able to get it resolved. I did that by changing the size of the picture. If I recall correctly, I think I deleted what was in the HubPages database and then used my photo editing software on my computer to change the size of the image (vs. using software controls located on this site). Once completed, I then uploaded the picture again in its new size. Once it was re-sized, I didn't have the problem anymore. Though I don't know what may be going on with your text issues, I hope that helps resolve the photo issue. (And maybe the size of the picture is affecting the text?)

  6. RedElf profile image89
    RedElfposted 6 years ago

    I have also had some success with just deleting that capsule and adding new one. It took a couple of tries, but seemed to work. Also, waiting 'til the next day and then replacing the capsules worked well in one particularly bad case.