Violation: Deceptively Tagged/Titled/Categorized, or Keyword Stuffed

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  1. Soldieringon profile image59
    Soldieringonposted 7 years ago

    Hello all.

    This is the first time I have had this happen.

    I have had a hub unpublished by Hub Pages.

    they say that it is deceptively tagged...all that stuff. I'm on 14 hubs in this series,and this is the only one that has set off any flags.

    It's a serial story about the zombie apocalypse.

    Originally, it was published under Books, Literature, and Writing → Books and Novels → Fiction

    but after receiving that notice, I moved the entire series to Books, Literature, and Writing → Commercial and Creative Writing → Creative Writing

    I also removed all of the tags.

    I got a duplicate email, and it is auto-generated so I don't know how to get more specific answers as to what is wrong with my hub.

    Below is the entry for Day 5 (the one that was pulled). Can anyone help me understand what is wrong?


    Went out today again.

    Took the Pontiac in search of another vehicle, something a little more capable.

    I was hoping for an older, lifted Bronco. I always hated them, but I can see the necessity in this case. I never could before.

    Lifted trucks driven by teenagers irritated me. But now that it’s the end of the world, I think I can relax my standards a bit.

    Standards. As if those even matter anymore.

    Anyway, I lucked out in one way, and not so much in another. I swapped the Pontiac for a lifted Toyota T-100 in the customer lot. They stopped making those years ago.

    The truck, not customer lots.

    Hell. Why am I even rambling about this? They stopped making everything just a few days ago.

    There’s no sense in worrying about manufacturing. At least not for a while. If I find some survivors, link up somewhere where there’s still civilization

    Dreams. That’s all that is.

    So… the truck. I swapped the Pontiac for it, and thankfully the Toyota has about a half a tank. That should get me at least 150 miles if I NEED to go. But the problem is that it doesn’t fit in the garage. Before, I had been opening the garage with a remote, driving in, and then closing the garage before I got out of the car. It was better than running down the walkway, trying to get to the door…. The truck leaves me exposed. I can run them over now though, so I suppose it’s not all that bad…

    I’ll miss the Pontiac, though. It was Steph’s car. Now, with Christmas approaching and gifts under the tree that I can’t bring myself to open, and a dead wife, I kinda hated getting rid of the car.

    Sentimentality is NOT going to help this situation.

    Still, the truck came with a tire iron and a spare tire. A weapon and a way out if I get a flat. It also came with subwoofers and a shitload or rap CD’s. They went out the window at about 40 miles an hour. Even after the world ends, I don’t want to hear Tupac, Eminem or anyone who puts crap like diamonds and gold in their mouth for decoration.

    I have to get used to the idea that this isn’t going to end.

    I’m not going to wake up in the morning and find out this is a dream. Society’s been repossessed because we didn’t pay our dues or whatever, and there’s no arguing the fact that it’s not coming back.

    It’s like that line from the Crow. You remember the old Brandon Lee movie, where he comes back for revenge, but he’s not a zombie?

    There’s this guy in the movie with shit all in his face. Piercings and all that. Anyway, he looks at Brandon Lee’s character and says:

    “This is the really real world, there ain't no coming back. We killed you dead, there ain't no coming back”

    That’s how I feel about now. Except they ARE coming back, and no one seems to have done anything about it.

  2. paradigmsearch profile image89
    paradigmsearchposted 7 years ago

    I read it. I enjoyed it. Alas, I have no advice other than to contact HP. smile

  3. Soldieringon profile image59
    Soldieringonposted 7 years ago

    I have contacted Hub Pages, and not yet received a reply. Day 5 is down for now, but if it is bad, then so are the rest of the posts in the series...

    I may have to move to WordPress

    1. Camille Harris profile imageSTAFF
      Camille Harrisposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Soldieringon,

      This Hub was cleared for publication yesterday.  Did you not receive the email notification/is it not showing as "published" in your account?

      Contact us

      1. Soldieringon profile image59
        Soldieringonposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Hi Camille,

        No, I have not received any email/notification at this time. I do see it as published, though and I thank you for that.


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