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Keep our world

  1. Eranga Viraj profile image57
    Eranga Virajposted 5 years ago

    Sir, I’m not expert professor..But I have some advantage Ideas for our human.
    First I ask question from you Why we are born this world???earn to money! FIGHT WITH SOME ONE Make a vehicle or produce the tool to get benefits to people and make nuclear power..Poisonous gasses…never!!! I THINK A WAY WE MUST BORNE TO THIS WORLD. WE HAVE GOOD MINED AND THINKING KNOWLEDGE.WHY Universal POWER GIVE US THESE THINGS. IT HOPES TO GET DONE BETTER SOME THING BY US FOR THE UNIVERSE. BUT ALL WAYS HAPPENING VERY BAD THING FOR THE NATURE FROM HUMAN BEINGS AROUND WORLD human think development WHAT IS DEVELOPMENT? I think development is want human inside hart and mine. outside development is building & contraction and road, factory and other BUT THAT THINE WE CAN'T USE AFTER DEATH.BUT we all ways do the develop outside why we work? we want make money. but money can't develop our inside because today have coming many problem. please THINK WE HAVE LIVING UNDER100 YEAR.BUT WE DONE 1000year work however this ALL THINE WE CAN'T PUT OUR COFFIN.ONLY WE CAN GO WITH WE DONE GOOD THIN AND BAD THINE......BECAUSE WHY WE HARD WORK WITHOUT NURTURE...IT HAPPEN DESTROY THIS WORLD.PLEASE I THINK WE WANT CHANGE OUR WAY PLEASE UNDESTAND NOW WHY LONE TIME ECCONOMIC PROBLEM?? Now some people understood who are go to the top. they think what are we do? We cant found freedom every day we go to work in the morning and after we coming very tired continue again we do it. THIS IS OUR LIFE ?THEY THINK WE BORNE  ONLY  WORK AGAINST TO NATURE But modern human have good thinking knowledge they understood all thin because some people Leaving THIS RACE. They want to live with freedom. BECOUSE ECONOMIC DOWN TO DEEP !!!     Human want to freedom they like living own life style THAT IS   but it very hard but we want to do it FOR keep OUR earth . . . . IF WE GIVE GOOD SOME THING TO THE ENVIRONMENT IT GIVES US BETTER THING IN DOUBLE. IF WE HELP TO DESTROY THE NATURE,,THE POWER OF UNIVERSE ALL WAYS PUNISHES TO US, BECAUSE CONTINUATION OF THE UNIVERSE DEPEND ON INVISIBLE POWER. HUMAN ALL WAYS THINKING THIS WORLD ONLY FOR US. THAT”S  WRONG. IT BELONGS US,ALSO BELONGS ANIMALS AND TREES AND ETC…ANIMALS TREES AND OTHERS NEVER DO WRONG THINGS TO THE NATURE. ONLY HUMAN BEINGS ALL WAYS WORST THINGS… I tell my one Idea to protect our world.
    These days we can listen bad news from Japan{tsunami and earthquake}..and flood in other county also in our sri lanka
    Because human contaminated our world. The reason of these bad situation is pollution of industrial revolution .
    But It has some good things but most are pollution our world. I think we can’t go past .
    We want to go future..now future is not clear …because contaminated our world .
    Before we have time to go good way without industrial revolution .
    But they don’t like to go another way because they think industrial revolution is the easier way to reach the development.
    But we want to change they living……
    First we want collect the people ..one stay place. It like a apartment. or house or city..another place
    After we can let our nature.
    Building we want limit only some places It can build only one places what like town or city .like ants .it have all thin for our People. They have job places and they have agriculture some
    area in near living places.
    Now we can save some places in our nature and our animals..After we can live without
    Nature problem. I think people can live they want all thin we must produce to all
    theme Near the they living places after we want grow the forest and nature we can continue this world I request all the people who love to nature in the world………………..

  2. Cagsil profile image60
    Cagsilposted 5 years ago

    Welcome to HubPages! And to the forums.

    However, I think it might be better served if you delete this and write a hub. This is the forums and you have opened a forum thread with your HUGE post.

    If you wanted to write a hub? And mistakenly posted to the forums, then you should copy and paste your OP(opening post) into some other location for safe keeping.

    I would then suggest you read one of my most recent hubs- New Members Tutorial Guide To HubPages and How To Create a Hub : Hub Creation before you actually decide to put your OP(opening post) into a Hub.

    There's a couple of things within my Tutorial Guide that you will need to read also, before you get started. I appreciate that you want to get off to a quick start and I'll gladly leave this post(but I will request it is moved from where you posted), so you can come back to it.

    Other than that- I hope you enjoy your time here. smile

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      The Writers Dogposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      Thanks, Cagsil. I was about to suggest the same on the second identical thread.

      1. Cagsil profile image60
        Cagsilposted 5 years ago in reply to this

        I've reported the other thread so it can be deleted due to the fact it's a duplicate. wink