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Which Reader is Better; A Google reader or a Hubpage Reader?

  1. davenmidtown profile image87
    davenmidtownposted 5 years ago

    Which reader is better; A Google Reader or a Hubpage Reader?

    Recently I have felt the need to look outside of hubpages for readership...thus, embracing Google through keyword usage. The happy result is an increase in Google views; but this brings me to my questions. Which type of reader is more valuable overall: If your goal is revenue or If you goal is authorship? What if it is both?

    1. David 470 profile image84
      David 470posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      A google reader because those are the people who are searching on the internet for information and are more likely to click ads.

      Tecnically, if you have 1000s of followers you could make some income from it, but it's not nearly as important than "search engine traffic."

      Over 90% of my traffic is from search engines.

      1. davenmidtown profile image87
        davenmidtownposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        @ David 470: I am leaning more towards agreeing with what you have written. For the longest time I just wrote but during Nov/Dec readership disappeared.  It was then that I decided to pay more attention to google.

    2. relache profile image89
      relacheposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      That all depends on what you want.  I've found that certain Hub topics can attract one or the other very strongly.

      Using the HubPages traffic source numbers (which is only a partial and rough estimate) my Hub pages sourced traffic accounts for less than 7% of my viewers.

      1. davenmidtown profile image87
        davenmidtownposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        relache: what do you consider to be an average daily number of views?  I ask this because my views dip as low as 25 and as high as 300.   As I began to pay more attention to keywords, etc my Google traffic has risen and sometimes hubpage traffic is there and a lot of times it is not... unless I just publish something and then it peaks and dies...

    3. paradigmsearch profile image94
      paradigmsearchposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Ya want the outside fame and fortune. Simple as that. big_smile

    4. davenmidtown profile image87
      davenmidtownposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I moved this topic from a question to a hub mostly because some of the answers to the question caused more answer to be asked.  First... People were going on about how we are not allowed to click other peoples ads.. quoting an forum that was over ten months old.  Not sure anymore if that is true or not.

  2. wheelinallover profile image78
    wheelinalloverposted 5 years ago

    For literary validation hub page authors are great. For earning from hub pages those outside hub pages are better. It doesn't hurt to have other hubbers read your hubs because they can also share to their social sites. 

    A percentage of my readers come from social networks and emails I send after publishing a hub. I have readers to more than one hub now that are coming from blogs published elsewhere. I keep finding title tuner results which are telling me to add the corporate name to hub titles. To one hub I did add my writing nickname. I plan on doing more extensive testing on my business blogging platform. Many of my hubs relate to business and I have been using both those and hubs written by others as the link for those blogs. I also suggest putting your actual name where it will be picked up by search engines. I find I have a lot of results under my name but none for hubs I have written.

    If you are trying to earn from hub pages use any ethical means possible to get outside visitors to your hubs. Search engine optimization will always be best, those readers are the "freest" you can get. Optimizing the hub once can bring in readers for years.

    1. davenmidtown profile image87
      davenmidtownposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Is there a difference between SEO and optimizing a hub?

  3. rlaha profile image70
    rlahaposted 5 years ago

    HubPage authors are so much better than Google.  My reasons are because the people who write on here either research well before they write or just write because they love to.

    1. wheelinallover profile image78
      wheelinalloverposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I actually found the first hub on Google while doing research for a website I was building. It was on page 53. I published to an enzine before searched for the hub again and joining hub pages. I agree that hubbers are the best for validation.

      Feedback from hubbers have improved my writing. As of now I have over 120 articles published. Only 48 of them are on hub pages because as a businessman I need to feed people to the business URL and with a blog I can do that without fear of being "shunned" or thrown off hub pages. I use the URL's to my hubs as a way to let people interested in my business know why I am who I am.

    2. davenmidtown profile image87
      davenmidtownposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      @ wheelinallover:  hmmm did not consider the forums as a marketing tool for hubpages... I know they are very strict about people advertising in forum posts... interesting.

  4. wheelinallover profile image78
    wheelinalloverposted 5 years ago

    Search engine optimization and SEO optimizing a hub are one and the same. This is done by about 7 to 10 percent usage of keywords and proper placement. On top of this we just learned that title length makes a difference also.

    I run my hubs through a program now that rates my hubs and blogs before they are published. The program is free to me because I am ex military and write blogs for a site that trains military personnel and veterans how to earn online. I am in the top three percent for internet marketers having achieved what many fail at within 60 days of starting my online business. This was done with a totally free program, but it is something we are passionate about. Many of my mentors are currently millionaires in their own right.

    The forum posts I refer to are not in hub pages. It is an advertising site we use for the business. They have an area where forum posts are picked up by search engines and rank quickly. They are short lived though because there is no way to backlink them and they don't accept comments. 

    Our main objective as a business is to teach others to earn online. Hub pages when properly used does earn, although there are other programs which do better and are not scams. The ones which are not scams seem hard to find because they fight with so many which are for recognition.