Inviting people to join your fan club

  1. ProfoundPuns profile image84
    ProfoundPunsposted 9 years ago

    I'm relatively new to HubPages, so I don't have that many fans. I'm not so lacking in self-esteem that I need fans to validate my existence, but I know that fans are contacted when you publish a new hub, which makes for good advertising.

    My question: Is it obnoxious to invite people to join your fan club? I see the option on my profile, but I feel that it's weird to invite people to be your fans. What do people think?

    1. Jerrico Usher profile image57
      Jerrico Usherposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Yes it is, but there is a better way.

      Go out and start adding YOURSELF to 100 fan clubs a day, make sure they are people like you and they write like you so they will actually be fans that read your hubs and be interrested enough in you to join yours.

      There is a recipricol affect when you add yourself to people's fan clubs. They feel a certain joy that someone befanned them and usually want to become your fan to learn more about you (to answer the mystery... why did they like me and my hubs?)..

      I've tested this several times, if you join 100 a day in a month you will have about 100-200 new fans (if you do this about 600 clubs you join you'll get about 200-300 who will join yours... poof theres your base. You need to have several good hubs on your account however as many will "check you out" first, your profile should be something concise and entertaining about you your hubs should be of general intrest.. the more hubs you have I'm finding the more people will reciprocate. It's kind of like going to a diner party and working a room.

      DONT just randomly add people though although this will work you will get fans that don't actually read your stuff, you want people like you, who write and have the same intrests as you as fans. You will have a higher "conversion" to steal a marketing term, if you leave them fan mail telling them what you liked about them, their hubs or if their new (those are the easy ones just flatter them by welcoming them aboard!) Also another thing that seems to bring in more fan reciprocations is to read their profile, leave them fan mail, and go to one of their hubs and leave a comment about something in the hub.

      If you do these three steps you won't need to do 100 a day (for 6 days or so) to get alot of fans, they will appreciate your looking at their hubs, commenting, leaving fan mail and actually reading their profile, its humbling to have a real fan and they will want to be your fan just out of rapport. Make this venture personal not mechanical. Hubpages has thousands of authors.


  2. dineane profile image79
    dineaneposted 9 years ago

    When I first started writing hubs, I sent emails to friends & family and said "If you sign up as my fan, you'll get an email anytime I publish a new article". I've used the same line when I send links to specific articles to people I think might interested in the particular subject.

    And I used my trackers in the requests, and one friend whom I didn't even know was interested in writing signed up and start publishing hubs!