Requesting some help with my Psychology research.

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    inspired2excelposted 6 years ago

    This is purely for opinions. We have plenty of secondary data, but would like some new data from opinions toward the questions below. This is a small survey for a Psychology Class and would be purely voluntary for you to respond and your name would not be mentioned in the report in any way. Thank you for considering lending some help.

    Would you share your opinion with me about Meth?

    1. What help or advice would you give someone on how to quit the addiction?
    2. What kind of hope would you share with them?
    3. How does it affect those who love the addict?
    4. How big of a problem is it in your opinion?
    5. What kind of compassion is required for a Meth addict?
    6. Does it or has it affected you directly and how?

    Thank you!!!