Bug in email digest notification when asking a question

  1. BlissfulWriter profile image64
    BlissfulWriterposted 6 years ago

    To HubPages Engineers:

    The email digest notification is not notifying me of answers to questions that I have asked, even though I am following the question asked.

    Here is how to reproduce the problem.

    1.  In "Email Settings", make the following settings for "When a question that I am following is answered":
    Instant Email = Never
    Digest = Always
    Mobile = Never

    2.  In "Questions You Follow", make the following settings:
    By default, follow questions that I ask: Checkmarked
    By default, follow questions that I answer: Checkmarked.

    3. Answer someone else's question.

    4.  Ask a question.

    5.  Wait a day to receive email digest notification.  Confirm that both the question answered and the question asked has new replies.

    6.  See that email digest indicates new replies for the question answered.

    7.  Problem:  See that email digest has no indication or new replies for the question asked.

    Expected: to see that email digest indicates new replies also for the question asked.   

    8.  Go to the question asked in Hubpages and confirm that the question is in fact being followed as indicated by the green button that enables you to unfollow the question.  Go to the list of "Questions followed" and see that the question asked is indeed listed there.

    Therefore, one should get email digest notifications for that question asked.

    1. Ari Lamstein profile image80
      Ari Lamsteinposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for reporting this.  I will look into it.