In-flight manicurist's dirty mouth sends her to jail

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    Stacie Lposted 5 years ago

    In-flight manicurist's dirty mouth sends her to jail

    On a Southwest flight from Burbank to Houston, Jeanie Daniels turned her tray table into a manicure station, painting her nails while sitting in her seat. A flight attendant asked her to stop, due to the smell. Daniels finished her polish job in the bathroom and was then confronted by a second Southwest attendant as she returned to her seat. "She was getting so loud ... and I was just like 'Will you stop!" Daniels said. "I said 'Stop b*tching at me,' because she wouldn't end the conversation." According to KTRK, the b-word earned Daniels a charge of "using abusive and profane language" and ten hours in a Houston jail. Southwest declined to comment. … nting.aspx
    I don't know who over reacted more...but I wouldn't want to be seated next to her...and how did she get on board with nail polish?

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      No kidding.