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How to create a hub which ranks well in the search engines?

  1. soni2006 profile image81
    soni2006posted 9 years ago

    Hi friends,

    I have been to hubpages for more than a year now, but I want to know how to create a hub which ranks well in the search engines.. really. This will help me earn money, as frankly speaking I wanna be popular in the internet as well as earn part-time money too.

    1. clem1952 profile image53
      clem1952posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      From A fellow Hubber Ed C

      Just giving a little advise to you, I have studied the ways on how to rank higher in the google search, I found that your title text should be relative to your discription text along with your content text in the body of your blog, this is what the sreach engines look at first before they rank your page for relative content key words that is searched for on the web serach engines, you can also sign up for google words and make an AD about your page driving surfers to your pages, but this will cost you a little money, I think googls asks that you keep a minimum budget of $50.00 in your account to keep it in good standings, you choose how much you pay for a click, like $0.25 cents or $0.50 cents and like that, and when your Ads show up on other peoples pages they click on it from some ones ealses page to go to your page and hopefully they click your pages Ads so you get paid too. Read all terms and conditions before accepting any agreement you apply for.  " some people pay money to get people to there pages so thay click on there Ads, some pay a few hundred a month and get back more then they put out, I'm too chicken to try it myself, I did try it with the minimum for a month, it didn't work for me, but that dosen't mean it wont work for you. I got some extra traffic with the Adwords Account but not enough to brag about. But I was a beginner at it then too. still a beginner now. Good Luck.
      Hope this helps a little,

  2. Lissie profile image78
    Lissieposted 9 years ago

    Do NOT sign up for adwords as the above poster is suggesting. Adwords (where you pay for ad - the other side of Adsense) is totally legit but you need to know what you are doing and be prepared to loose money doing it. You need to be driving the traffic to a high value site where you can convert the traffic to a LOT of money not the relatively low value you get on HP - because you have to share the revenue.

    I recently wrote a hub about how Google tells you to rank in the search engines - thats the first part that will get you ranked. You need to be ranked for a hub that will actually make you money - you need to be writing on the right topic - there is a lot of good advice on this subject but following some of Hup's hubmob weekly topics would be a good start

  3. soni2006 profile image81
    soni2006posted 9 years ago

    Thanks very much Lissie for a better reply.

  4. waynet profile image80
    waynetposted 9 years ago

    A good tip for the long term would be to write more on hub pages on what you really like to write about, sticking with your best topic you write under sub topics for that main topic, so for example if you have a main topic of say Banking, you could if that is your main interest write reviews on the worlds most popular banks (although right at this moment no banks popular!!), one per hub, then other sub topics would carry their own long tail keyword phrase that would obviously be low competition so you can get in there, the more long tail keywords you write down the better equipped you are to write more hub pages and related content.

    This technique takes a lot of work, but what doesn't in life!

    And Yeah as Lissie said....adwords....I've tried it once when I first started out and I had to pay a bit for no return on the investment so I'll go back to it when I've mastered it more.

  5. anne.moss profile image56
    anne.mossposted 9 years ago

    Here's my tip - focus on something specific that may have less competition, then write a very very good hub about it.

    The more competitors there are for your key phrase, the less likely you are to get a high ranking in the search results.

    For example, if you opt for the phrase "flowers" - good luck to you, you'll grow hair on the palms of your hands before you'll get to number one. If you go for something like "how to grow violets in very cold climates" you may have a chance. Of course, more people are looking for the former than than the latter, but it's better to rank high for a less popular term than to be lost at #134353 for a popular term.

    Try to figure out what it is that people are looking for. It's called keyword research and there are plenty of online resource for it. I recommend Google's own tool for it:

  6. knslms profile image74
    knslmsposted 9 years ago

    Do you have a google analytics acount? If not you need to get one, and link it with your hubpages account. Learn what all the reports mean, and how you can improve on them.

    Google follows your visitors from the time they enter your page until they leave it, they use this information to establish the importance of your page.

    For ex. if your average visitor finds your site through a random keyword and only stays on your page for 20 seconds than your rank for this keyword will fall, because its not relevant. You may think it is but numbers don't lie.

    Learn what to do with the traffic you have, and more traffic will naturally come.

  7. soni2006 profile image81
    soni2006posted 8 years ago

    First of all, I would like to thank all the people who have written so useful things to rank well in the search engines. These steps have helped me a lot and switching from 10 hubs to 200 hubs.

    Time has changed for me after 1 year, although I am not able to devote much time here at hubpages and that's why I have not taken the hub challenge up until now. I write and publish hubs whenever I have time to do it. Google Analytics is a good source to get to know all the pattern like which hub is performing well, which one holds visitors for much long time, which keyword gives out more adsense revenue and reading the analytics reports before writing something on your next hub really really helps.

    I agree know that it is not the quantity which matters if you want your articles to rank well in the search engines but it is quality which matters the most. Hard work always pays out. This is the lesson I have learned writing articles for the last two years on the internet.