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  1. backendbuddy profile image59
    backendbuddyposted 5 years ago

    This is my third hub, i never faced a similar problem with my earlier ones. But this one is causing me serious trouble.  It is getting 'needs for revision' status repeatedly. They say,

    "Deceptive Tags, Title, or Category

    There is a problem with this Hub's tags, title, or category choice. It is possible that the title does not accurately represent the contents of the Hub, that the tags are either excessive or irrelevant to the Hub's topic, that it is incorrectly categorized, or keyword-stuffed. Keyword stuffing may include repeatedly emphasizing words or phrases with bold or italics. If you correct these problems and submit this Hub for publication, it will be reviewed, and republished if the problem has been fixed."

    I need some help from the experts where i went wrong and what should i do. Looking forward for your prompt help.


  2. WryLilt profile image90
    WryLiltposted 5 years ago

    Because the hub has been unpublished, we cannot see it. Here is what the FAQ has to say on the topic:

    My Hub was moderated for being deceptively tagged, titled, or categorized; what does that mean?
    The title, category, and tags of your Hub must accurately represent the contents of the Hub, and your Hub should not be stuffed with keywords.

    If the contents of your Hub do not deliver on its title, that could be considered deceptive. For instance, a 400 word Hub titled "All About the Stock Market" is deceptive because it's impossible to cover that subject thoroughly in 400 words. Some leeway may be given for particularly clever titles, or in categories like Humor, Creative Writing, or Poetry. However, if you're not being clever or creative, please just choose a title that accurately describes the contents of your Hub.

    In regards to category, you should select the most specific category that is relevant for your Hub. Our categorization tool may suggest topics based on your title or tags that do not match the subject of your Hub very well. If that happens you can use the browse or search features to find a more appropriate category. Please keep in mind that you are ultimately responsible for the final category selection. You may find it easier to locate a particular category using our complete category tree.

    The standard a chosen tag must live up to is "Would someone with an interest in this tag be interested in your Hub?"—if not, do not use that tag. In particular, tagging your Hub with a lot of very general tags, such as 'travel', 'entertainment', 'food', and 'music' when your Hub is not specifically about these topics is liable to get you into trouble. Meaningless, personal, vanity, or nonsense tags are also not permitted. However, tags that are endorsed by HubPages for identifying Hubs related to contests or other special programs are permitted.

    keyword stuffing
    Keyword stuffing, or over-use of a certain word or phrase to the point that it detracts from the readability of your Hub, will also result in moderation as deceptive. This can mean repeatedly emphasizing words or phrases in bold, italics, or with hyperlinks, or including a section with no other purpose than to list a bunch of keywords in your Hub (and that provides little or no benefit to the reader).