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Thought Google had let me out of jail yesterday ...

  1. Les Trois Chenes profile image91
    Les Trois Chenesposted 5 years ago

    Sadly, it was just a turn or two around the exercise yard, then back to the cell, only now on bread and water. Sigh.

    1. CASE1WORKER profile image72
      CASE1WORKERposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Its really annoying; been there got the tee shirt-hopefully it will sort out sometime soon

  2. CMHypno profile image95
    CMHypnoposted 5 years ago

    Hey they let me out for a week before they sent out the posse to drag me back to the cells!  Least I managed to get some veggies inside me!  Pass the water jug can't you? smile

  3. Randy Godwin profile image93
    Randy Godwinposted 5 years ago

    Yep, they throw a bit of salt into the wound occasionally!  They let me out for 2 days in December just to let me see how much money I was losing while being in the sandbox.  Real sweethearts they are!  lol

    I'm now back to where I was 2 years ago as far as traffic and earnings are concerned.  I'll slowly regain my traffic as I've once done before, but no doubt they'll take it all away again whenever  they choose.  There's nothing one may depend on very long anymore.  sad


  4. paradigmsearch profile image93
    paradigmsearchposted 5 years ago

    Here are the latest google changes to mull over...