Resolved: The special recipe capsules need a little tweaking

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  1. Bendo13 profile image72
    Bendo13posted 10 years ago

    I just modified the two recipe hubs I had to include the new recipe capsules, hoping they would look like all the other recipes that pop up in results, and maybe I have to wait a little bit of time, but...

    It only seems to show your picture in the search results if you have the image right at the top of your hub.

    It doesn't show the (star) rating in the search results.

    It doesn't show how long it takes to make the recipe in the search results.

    But it does show how many calories it is?

    I dunno, it's nice that it can show the image, which will probably get it more clicks, but it's really lacking when it comes to showing the information that other recipe results show.

    Oh, and the big one...

    My recipes don't show up in the recipe results, if you click "Recipes" on the left on Google... to tell it that you're actually looking for a recipe.

    So, I'm not sure if it's going to take time to have it indexed in the recipe results as well... and maybe it will take time to show the other information too?

    Either way, it looks like it needs some tweaking - that is if you want more than just a picture and the calories in the search results.

    1. Dale Hyde profile image85
      Dale Hydeposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I have three recipe hubs up, and the Google search results are not like they are supposed to be. No photos show up in any of the three listings, and I do have the photo near the top, with the rating above it. Now I have seen others like mine, with the rating on top then the big photo, show up in Google searches with the photo.  Why mine are not showing up? I have no idea.

      As for the ratings, I have two that show the star ratings and one shows nothing. All three hubs are laid out the same way.

      Mine also do not show up when you click the "recipe" link on the side of the search page.

      I am envious of those whose recipes are showing up with the photos and ratings, however, I can not figure out what may be the problem with mine.

      These hubs are days old so they should be showing up properly.

      1. Bendo13 profile image72
        Bendo13posted 10 years agoin reply to this

        Yeah, perhaps HubPages will modify things a bit and eventually we'll be on par with other recipe sites...

        For the one hub of mine that is showing the image, I have the image up top and the rating right below it - both of those capsules are moved to the right and aren't full width.

        1. Dale Hyde profile image85
          Dale Hydeposted 10 years agoin reply to this

          Thanks! If there is no improvement, I may well try that.

  2. cascoly profile image60
    cascolyposted 10 years ago

    Just started playing with the recipe capsules and not sure whether any benefits will outweigh the hassles.  I wite my recipes before writing the hub, so i already have a list of ingredients, and it's painful [literally, for those of us who have trouble typing] to have to re-enter all that information, since it akes 2-3 separate boxes for each ingredient

    also, when retrofitting published recipes, everything gets thrown at tthe bottom of the hub when we add new capsules, then each separate capsule has to be [again, painfully] poked up to its correct position in the hub -- why not have these work like all the other capsules where we can specifiy where to insert them?

  3. IzzyM profile image88
    IzzyMposted 10 years ago

    Just throwing my tuppenny worth in, I have recipes that require several lists of ingredients for different parts of the dish, yet you can only put one ingredients list in the hub, and one method capsule?

    I've had to split those recipes into separate hubs to use the recipe format.

    1. Dale Hyde profile image85
      Dale Hydeposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I raised this issue several days ago as well, as the first recipe I was going to publish consisted of the filling and the sauce. I simply did not publish it with the new format.

      1. IzzyM profile image88
        IzzyMposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        Would I be right in thinking that adding the 'stars' capsule would optimise the hub for the search engines anyway?

        1. Dale Hyde profile image85
          Dale Hydeposted 10 years agoin reply to this

          Well I am not sure. My three are not showing up properly as it is, Izzy. Two have the star rating in the searches, one does not, and none of the three show a photo or show in the recipe category when clicked on the left side of the Google search page.

    2. Pamela N Red profile image77
      Pamela N Redposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      You can manually add new capsules and it will work. You just have to add numbers and bullets. I left a suggestion in another thread requesting they give us the option of adding ingredients and instructions capsules. I uploaded a pie recipe that was two parts: crust and filling.

      I bet they'll add this since so many have had this issue.

  4. cascoly profile image60
    cascolyposted 10 years ago

    from the google rich snippets page … wer=173379

    rich snippets are currently only shown for recipes that provide at least two of the following:
    •prepTime, cookTime, totalTime, or ingredients
    •review (nested)

    so, rating and photo should be enough

    2 other properties that google supports are:

    recipeType (tag) The type of dish: for example, appetizer, entree, dessert ...


    summary - A short summary describing the dish.

    1. Dale Hyde profile image85
      Dale Hydeposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I have ratings, photo and ingredients, so that should certainly be enough as well,  cascoly.

      1. cascoly profile image60
        cascolyposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        in google searches, some of my recipe hubs have the new stuff, most do not - it may be that it takes awhile for the google cache to change - i've got several recipes that have appeared  on the first search page, but dp not show the new features yet

        1. Dale Hyde profile image85
          Dale Hydeposted 10 years agoin reply to this

          I have two with partial features, the rating, and one that does not show anything. None of the three show photos, and none of the three show up when you click the recipe link on the left of the search page. It seems that if Google picked up "part" of the settings, such as the rating on the two, it would also grab the photo at the same time.

          1. Bendo13 profile image72
            Bendo13posted 10 years agoin reply to this

            It's funny that one of my other hubs, that doesn't even include a recipe, shows up in the recipe results...

            All that hub is is a collection of 3 of my favorite recipes for that month, but it doesn't have the recipe info on that page... it links to the recipes on other sites.

            Kind of weird... I mean, it doesn't have any of the recipe capsules on it either.  Just a little paragraph saying why I made it, a couple tips, a video of me making it and then a link to the actual recipe on a different domain.

            Google doesn't know what's up haha.

            1. cascoly profile image60
              cascolyposted 10 years agoin reply to this

              i have several hubs with no recipe snippets that show up in recipes on google, also

              i've add recipe snippets to 24 of my 44 recipe hubs over the last 9 days and have seen ZERO additional traffic.  and,, when hubs show up in the google recipes searches, they dont show pictures or ratings.  almost all my recipe hubs show up on the first page of aa google search, even without the new stuff

              what's been others' experience with these new features?  are they getting recognized by google?

  5. cascoly profile image60
    cascolyposted 10 years ago

    the HP recipe ingredients capsule seems to be hurting google search placement

    when i do a search for  'honey almond chicken recipe', i'm listed second on googles search results.  when i look under google's recipes, i'm farther down, but still on the first page.  but if i click on 'includes almonds' which reads the ingredients snippet, i'm dropped from the results!  so the HP capsules dont seem to be doing their job - i get better results by NOT using the recipe stuff in searches

    1. cascoly profile image60
      cascolyposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      just confirmed that google is NOT picking up any of the hubpages new recipe capsules when they are added to pre-existing hubs - NONE of the hubs i've modified show ratings in google searches.  but my new recipe hubs DO show the ratings, though not the images in google searches - so something about the HP implementation just isnt working

      also, in the rich snippets test page, new & old recipe hubs are displayed ok, but NONE show images, even though i have images placed at the top for all my recipe hubs

      1. Bendo13 profile image72
        Bendo13posted 10 years agoin reply to this

        Yeah the capsules definitely need revamped; they're not doing what they're supposed to.

  6. cascoly profile image60
    cascolyposted 10 years ago

    How does HP define the name of a recipe when it sets up the rich snippets parameters for google?  google requires that 'name' be provided.  if HP isnt using exactly the format google requests this may explain why there are so many reports of problems getting ggoogle to recognize hpS RECIPE CAPSULES

    Eg, while many of my recipe results show up on the first page of google searches, they dont show up AT ALL under googles recipes searches, even though they have the HP capsules

    also, there's no way to indicate the name of the reviewer and yet Google says it needs this for single reviews

  7. MickiS profile image74
    MickiSposted 10 years ago

    I can not speak for Google and what they decide to show or how.

    For sure, we have seen inconsistent handling of HubPages recipes in search results as you all have pointed out. For sure, you need at least two capsules as cascoly pointed out. Personally, I almost all of my Hubs are recipes and some show up with photo and ratings, and some do not.

    To the best of our knowledge, we have implemented the recipe micro-formats to the specifications of Google. As for the seemingly inconsistent treatment, only Google knows. Rest assured that this is an issue that we monitor and pay attention to daily.


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