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Analytics new version - eek!

  1. Marisa Wright profile image97
    Marisa Wrightposted 5 years ago

    OK, I know the new version of Analytics has been out forever - but all this time, I've been clicking back to the old version.   Today I discover that option has been removed - so now I've got no option.  And I'm totally lost.

    The thing that really infuriates me is that I used to be able to see a list of my blogs with their traffic and percentage change up or down, all in one place. That's gone.

    The two main things I look at in Analytics is traffic sources and keywords - after a bit of fiddling, I found them in the standard report, but they're all split up under different languages.  Am I going to have to set up custom reporting for each individual blog?

    The other thing I don't like is that there used to be a drop-down box at the top of the reports, where you could switch to another blog.  There is still that option but it's a two-click process. 


    1. relache profile image89
      relacheposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Since I can see a list of all my sites and their traffic and changes up and down, I think it's just moved or renamed and not gone.  Try looking around under your performance stats.

      1. Marisa Wright profile image97
        Marisa Wrightposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks Relache, I'll keep looking!

    2. lobobrandon profile image91
      lobobrandonposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      For keywords, the %change and stuff like that I use webmaster tools and that's much better than Analytics and I've tried them both so that's my opinion. I use Analytics just for the daily trend of visitors and the live visits (real time) which is under Home