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Writing hubs in parts is a "hub blunder"?

  1. Gemini Fox profile image90
    Gemini Foxposted 5 years ago

    Was just reading through an older HubPages Weekly and saw a Pro Tips about Hub Blunders to Avoid. One of them was "Avoid writing Hubs in parts (e.g. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)". Personally, I won't be writing fictional stories and obviously this can't pertain to that type of writing. But in regards to non-fictional, informational hubs, why would this be the case? I have a 5+ part series (not yet published) in which each part could stand alone, I suppose, but I wanted it to be read in a certain order.  Questioning this especially as another part of the Learning Center advocates breaking really long hubs into smaller parts . . . .?

    1. Dame Scribe profile image58
      Dame Scribeposted 5 years ago

      Hi Gemini Fox smile welcome to HP. There will always be differing views and the best thing about advice wink you choose with what's right for you. I don't see problems with writing a 'series' of Hubs, especially if they are related. They can be linked together and 'prolong' the 'stay' of your audience. Least, that's my theory big_smile lol

    2. sofs profile image83
      sofsposted 5 years ago

      Gemini Fox, I have to agree with Dame scribe. As long as you provide content that your readers would logically need or be interested in they would work well as a part of the series. It would work better if each part is written 'like' standalone topic and linked together so that your readers get the specific information they seek and the bigger picture if they are so inclined.
      I have hubs/articles that are in parts and they work well for me.
      You really need to take a call and decide for yourself if it would work well for the kind of subject that you are writing about.

    3. Gemini Fox profile image90
      Gemini Foxposted 5 years ago

      Dame Scribe and sofs: thank you both for responding!

      No, I don't think that I am going to change the way I have set up my series, as I think that it makes it easier for someone who is interested in the topic to know that there are multiple parts - and I can't write one big hub as it would be too long.  There have been hubs I've run into before where I didn't realize that there was more than one part because it wasn't labeled that way - and that can be confusing. I will need to make sure that each hub truly can be a stand alone piece though!

      It was just that there was not an explanation under the Pro Tips as to why this was a bad thing to do so I was wondering . . .