Technical Problem Forum FAQ - Please read before posting any issue !

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    Matthew Meyerposted 5 years ago

    Hi there,

    I'm Matt Meyer, a moderator here at HubPages and I'm responsible for routing technical bugs (except ad-related) to engineering here at HubPages.  We apologize for any problems you are experiencing on the site, and we would like to arrive at a fix or solution as soon as possible.

    This link will allow you to see if the site is out as well as any historic outages as well.
    Bookmark the address below for reference Pingdom uptime report.

    There are a few things you can do to help make the process as quick and efficient as possible:

    - This forum is only for reporting technical (but not ad, earnings or  traffic-related) bugs on HubPages. If you want to report an ad-related or traffic problem, or suggest a new feature, please post a thread in the appropriate forum.
    - Please check this forum's stickied posts (those highlighted in blue at the top) for any known issues before posting a new thread.
    - If you have a moderation-related issue (i.e. a Hub or Question has been unpublished, your account has been moderated, etc.), please contact our moderation team instead as this forum is specifically for reporting technical bugs.

    - Be as descriptive as possible and include:
    +Page (URL) where you saw the problem
        ~System details
             What browser and version you're using
             What operating system you are using
             You can quickly determine the details above by pointing your web browser to System Details
        ~What action or task were you performing when the issue occurred?
        ~Does the issue persist with a different browser and/or computer?
        ~If an issues is related to an image, please include the problematic image as an attachment.

    - Please post a screenshot. A screenshot goes a long way towards getting to the root of the problem. This makes it much easier to see the issue you are describing and can save many email messages back and forth.
    How to take a screenshot:

        Apple OS X

    IMPORTANT: Lastly, before submitting a potential issue, see if these steps resolve the issue:

    +Upgrade your browser to the latest available version stable available for your operating system (Please do NOT report bugs for beta or development versions of browsers).
            ~Internet Explorer (XP: IE8, Windows 7 & Vista: IE9)
    +Clear the browser cache and/or cookies.
            ~Internet Explorer

    You should also check you are using the latest version of Adobe Flash.
    Check Flash version

    - Please be patient.
    - I will read every report when I can.

    Thank you for taking the time to report any technical bugs, and thank you for your patience!

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