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How can hubs already cleared by manual review now be unpublished?

  1. Toolsonline profile image60
    Toolsonlineposted 5 years ago

    I can understand why some people get frustrated by the the moderators on HP.. This is a "second" account in which I placed some hubs which did not fit in my original account..

    There were a few "copied hub" issues when I transferred them despite having removed the original URLs from Google (RSS feeds I believe..)

    This was sorted out but the moderators then decided that there were several other issues that needed to be resolved so I changed everything to meet their needs; they reviewed the hubs and passed them for publication. Despite this my hubber score remained in the pooper but I really don't care about that..

    However today I have the very vague message that my hubs do not meet the standards of HP based on a moderators review, no specifics..

    How can hubs that have already had a manual review and passed now be rejected? Nothing has been changed the hubs have been left to "mature" which they were just starting to do now gaining traffic and making sales..

    So my question, just to make it clear... How can moderators say OK one minute then not OK the next? If standards are not clear for the moderators how can hubbers be expected to follow them?

    Do we now need a new "report a problem category?" Report a problem with the moderators..

    1. Randy Godwin profile image92
      Randy Godwinposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Perhaps a  "Report A Moderator" button would make us all feel a bit better?  lol 


  2. Toolsonline profile image60
    Toolsonlineposted 5 years ago

    Well now almost 5 days since I sent an email to HP asking for some hints as to what it is that i need to fix on my hubs that they have unpublished following a moderators review (after a few months before doing the same and passing them as being ok for publication.)
    Maybe they are still looking for the problem so that they can tell me about it..

    How can it take so long for someone to provide some feedback? Or is it a secret?

    Beginning to understand why so many authors left HP and became so disillusioned with the staff.

    If there is something wrong tell me what it is so I can fix it and tell me why the moderators did not pick it up last time they unpublished my account.. It is not acceptable to keep un-publishing hubs every few months..
    I don't mind fixing something; but I need to know what!!

  3. Dale Hyde profile image82
    Dale Hydeposted 5 years ago

    Not sure what email you used, but I have always had pretty prompt responses from team@hubpages.com when I have had questions. Usually within one business day or so.

  4. Toolsonline profile image60
    Toolsonlineposted 5 years ago

    Hi Dale, That's the email I have used via the HP interface.. I have had reasonably quick replies in the past 2-3 days max.. It's now Thursday afternoon for me; I think that I sent the email Sat afternoon.. I can understand not getting a reply over the weekend but this is dragging on too long..

    They don't seem to care! This is why so many people got frustrated and left HP last year and the start of this.. Personally I don't mind the rules, if it makes our hubs better in the eyes of Google all well and good but the way they go about things is completely wrong..

    To unpublish a whole account full of hubs without any warning at all especially when they have done it before just a few months previously and then allowed publication after a manual review by the moderators.... well it is a joke...

    Nothing has changed on the hubs; if they were ok for the moderators a few months ago why are they not ok today?

    This account had just started to get regular views and was starting to make regular amazon sales.. now I guess it will be starting again!! Thanks HP for your prompt help!! NOT...

    Maybe someone will eventually answer or notice this post here.....

  5. relache profile image88
    relacheposted 5 years ago

    From what I could see in Google's cache, those Hubs looked like they were all spun from one original, with minimal changes in significant chunks of the wording and all pointing at the exact same sites.

    That's exactly the sort of content building that Google created both Panda and Penguin to crack down on, and I'd have to say I'm taking sides with the mods on this one.

    1. Toolsonline profile image60
      Toolsonlineposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Relache. Every one is hand written without reference to the others.... If there are chunks of "similar" text then I would not be too surprised as several are about a different version of a specific product type so there will be some similarities, but nothing is spun and nothing is based on one original! I take offense at the suggestion! There are also not links on every hub pointing to the same sites! You clearly did not look at more than a couple of them!

      Yes there are some "similar" sections as I will have a section (capsule) for safety, maintenance, types of tools you can use etc.. but this is not on every hub.. as I wanted to the see the difference between those that had and those that did not to see if they performed differently.

      As to pointing to the same sites... Amazon, youtube, ebay etc as just about every other hub on HP does  + forums and other sites and reviews  relevant to the tools in question  none of which are mine or anything to do with me I should add and not the same ones on every hub. In addition to this on several hubs I have links to sites like popular mechanics to explain how the tools work and things like that.. plus of course internal links within the account. All links are relevant and add value, a reader can find everything from how the tools work, how to use them and maintain them as well as forums and everything else - I have tried to provide links for everything I can think of!

      They have similar structures as they are written for similar products but have to stand alone as individual pages - I would not expect the reader to have to reference several pages for small snippets of common/similar pieces of information but each is specific to the product and not worded the same.

      Your comments are like saying recipe hubs should not have a similar structure..
      Benefits of the main ingredient
      Where you can get it
      The recipe
      How to cook it
      How to serve it

      There will always be some similarities between the sections with regards to methods etc.. but these are not spun or copied!

      This account is an "experiment" for product related hubs as I normally write informational hubs... trying to add additional value by including info about use, maintenance, etc not just buy the XYZ because it looks pretty in red and this is what amazon says about it.... 

      Your comments also do not excuse the lack of response from HP nor the fact that they have already been through these hubs before and passed them as OK..

  6. relache profile image88
    relacheposted 5 years ago

    I just gave my interpretation of the situation based on my own experience as a writer and reader of Hubs for almost six years on this site.  You are more than free to disagree with it.

    I have to say that like Dale I too tend get responses from the moderators within a day,  I'll be curious to hear what they say in regards to your account.