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10 Tips for Making Money with Hubpages, Online Article Writer

Updated on April 29, 2017
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She is a Writer and Author. She's inspired by Eric Thomas, Les Brown, Charles Stanley, Myles Munroe, and Napoleon Hill.

Make Money on Hubpages
Make Money on Hubpages

Legit Online Article Writer Revenue

When writing online articles, the content should to be of good quality. The content also have to be useful for your readers, everyone wants to read content that is of good quality and that is useful to them as a reader. Good quality content can mean 'staying on the subject,' also good quality can mean making sure your content has correct grammar and no spelling mistakes. Some writers may use 'Microsoft Word' to help check the grammar and spelling of their online articles. Microsoft Word also has 'word count' at the bottom of each document. A good written article can have at least 700 or more words of content.

Try to always write valuable and unique content, never steal anyone else's content. Being a unique writer is writing on subjects that no one has really wrote about. For instance, if the competition for Real Estate is high, create a low competition title such as "Real Estate in the Valley of California." Selling houses would have to be a topic that you know something about, to share your knowledge with an online audience, or your research on that subject.

As a writer, never admit to having 'writer's block' it is a slap to you as an artist. Writing about things that you have talent and skill in, is a great idea. Everyone has talents, gifts, and skills; and Hubpages is where you can write about them. If you are good at cooking, write unique ideas and recipes about your art in cooking.

Making Money with Hubpages

Legitimate ways of making money online won't happen over-night. But it does take commitment, a great attitude, creativity, and drive. Some members on Hubpages drive themselves to writing many articles in a certain time frame. During my fun time here on Hubpages, one month I challenged myself to write at least 3-4 Hubs a week. If you're serious about making money with Hubpages, you will have to set goals to be a better content writer each day. When I started Hubpages I didn't know that much about everything here, but I learned a few things every day.

My mentor here on Hubpages is Kathryn Vercillo, she's been writing for Hubpages for about 5 years, she wrote 1,147 Hubs and still in counting. Also Kathryn wrote for other sites, but she eventually left them to write only for Hubpages. She makes approximately $1,500 a month as an online article writer with Hubpages. There's one more thing that made her my mentor on Hubpages, she crochets as a hobby like I do. I often crochet a few items as Kathryn does, this made me more interested in her Hubs due to the common interest.

Then there's Marye Audet another fellow Hubber, she makes an estimated $3,800 monthly here on Hubpages. She's been on Hubpages for 4 years, wrote only 742 Hubs. And she says that "SEO search engine optimization and keyword phrases helps her with the success of her articles." These are just a couple of the Hubbers that never gave up on writing article content online.

Joining Hubpages is easy, it's worth it, it's legit, and it will eventually pay off for your satisfaction by consistent work. Winners do things that losers will never do. Never give up as a Hubpages content writer, work for it and it will work for you. As an article content writer you should "never quit your day job" because writing articles online will be a side job, until you are making enough revenue to 'make a living' of it.

Many 'article content writers' don't see writing articles as work; most of us see it as fun and creativity. Be enthusiastic about writing articles for Hubpages, because it is fun.

Online Article Writer
Online Article Writer

Adsense Account

As an online article writer you will need to set up an Adsense account with Google. Begin by going to your 'account tab' here on Hubpages, then click configure. Follow the instruction through Google Adsense, and they will have you set up quickly. You can also set up configuration for other affiliates; with Amazon, and eBay.

Hubpages SEO

Learning all there is to know about search engine optimization will help you make money on Hubpages. SEO will get you more visitors to your articles. It's not about having the most number of written articles, but it's even better when using SEO. For example, one Hubber can have 100 articles written with not so many views, and another Hubber can have 50 articles but uses SEO tips; this will definitely get this Hubber more views.

Search engine optimization can include mentioning part of your articles title throughout your article. Mention your article's title at least 4 times throughout your Hubs. Your title is your main keyword.

Comment on Hubbers Articles

Once you start following other Hubbers, there will be Hubbers that will follow you also. When a Hubber comments on your articles, as a common-courtesy you would comment back on one of their articles as well. Commenting and replying might help your Hub-score, and it will let other Hubbers know that you are quite active here on Hubpages.

Using Hubpages Search Bar

If you need to brush up on your article writing skills, as we all do, use the Hubpages search bar to type in "Grammar tips for article writing." Actually you can use the "Hubpages search bar" to type in whatever you want to look for.

Hubpages Money

Hubpages money will increase each week for newbies, depending on the traffic you bring into your article Hubs. You would have to join and configure the 'Hubpages Ad-Program' to get started; There are other people making money with Hubpages that are not mentioned above. I will list their names and their Hubpages money earnings below, (mentioning 3 Hubbers).

  • Habee - 2 years on making money with Hubpages, published 959 articles (still in counting); estimated earnings $1,300 monthly. She also publishes articles in magazines and other periodicals.
  • John D. Lee - 4 years making money with Hubpages, written 494 articles/Hubs (still in counting); earns approximately $1,300 a month. He says, "he don't use SEO or keywords."
  • Blake Flannery - 3 years making money with Hubpages, wrote 141 articles (still in counting); makes an estimated $1,280 every month. He says, "On Hubpages we are our own boss."

Hubpages Answers

You can make revenue answering questions, and asking questions on Hubpages. This feature is new, it wasn't here when I joined Hubpages. The 'Hubpages answers' revenue comes from your Google account as well. To answer questions, hover your mouse pointer over the 'explore tab' at the top of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to visit the "FAQ" frequently asked questions, go to the tab at the top of this page; hover over your profile name. This will help you with questions you have about Hubpages. I've been on Hubpages going on 15 months now, and I still keep reading and learning new things in the "Hubpages Learning Center." Visit it as much as you can, take notes as well. To be successful as an article content writer you will be happy that you did visit the "Hubpages Learning Center."

Online Forums

To get more visitors to your article is a good idea to visit related topic forums, for your Hubs. If you wrote an article about 'boats' then you would want to go to online forums about boats. When you're in other online forums, leave your hub url's with your comments, or in your signature.

Also plant your Hub URL's in the social media sites such as: Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus, etc.

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