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3 Things You Should Do Right After Waking Up

Updated on February 6, 2015

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After Waking Up

There are many important things to be done right after waking up but in this article I'll be mentioning the basic And most important things of all, these things will regulate your mood, get you ready to start your day more actively,give you energy,prepare your mind and body for your daily activities and keep you healthy in general.
Let us start.

1- Take at least 20/30 minutes of relaxation:

Everyday and every time you wake up try to take at least 20/30 minutes of your time to relax before attending to get up from bed because this would be the stage where your body and mind would be preparing your body for the final awakening state so you should not interrupt that for your brain and instead stay in your bed with your eyes open,stretch a little to give your muscles a sign to get ready for getting up and moving.

If you think you have something urgent or realize you're late for work or gym or school or whatever then at least try to take about 10-15 minutes of relaxation while lying on bed and stretching.

What would happen if you get up right after waking up?

Well,nothing pretty dangerous and serious happens but this will affect your mood and body and will make you feel sleepy even after like two hours of waking up because you already would have interrupted the awakening process for your brain.

You would most likely experience lazy times during the day as well.

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2- Drink about 0.50 L of water:

Drink about 0.5 L of water and even more according to your body's needs but not more than 1 whole liter because kidneys would probably not handle more.

Why water?
Because after a long night of having nothing entered to your body,it's more likely that your body organs have done most of their functions but they would need just one thing after the completion of their jobs, which is water. Organs need water so it can wash all the wastes away from them and your kidneys need that more than any other organs.

Water washes the kidneys and gets them cleaner and healthier.

Check out the other benefits of drinking water in the articles mentioned below!

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3- Eat a healthy breakfast:

Before eating your breakfast make sure to let at least 15 minutes pass after you have drank water so you can give time for your body's organs to get clean first then prepare your meal, if a meal preparation would take about 15 minutes then this is how you can let 15 minutes of your time pass while benefiting from it for more than one thing.

A healthy breakfast should include all the vitamins,calcium,proteins that your body needs, try to include vitamin D for the bones and teeth, vitamin A for your skin and Vitamin B for the skin and blood.

Example: Eggs, cucumber, tomatoes,lettuce, Carrots, Milk, yogurt,apples, tuna, strawberries,lemon, oranges and many others.

According to your blood type, you can know which foods would be the most beneficial for your health and you can also avoid allergies,learn about this right in this article:

Did you know?!

Did you know that waking up suddenly can give a shock to your brain cells, if this proceeds to happen more regularly then you might probably get some mental and or psychological related issues and problems, so make sure to keep the surrounding medium always calm for your own sake and for others as well.

Avoid those jokes of scaring people while they're asleep or waking up your friends when you visit them suddenly, as you don't like it done to yourself don't like it for others and even if you like it for yourself don't do it for others.

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Are you??

Are one of these things mentioned here between the things that you do right after waking up?

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    • craiger-m profile image

      The Hatter 3 years ago from Great Britain

      When we are not in a rush I think it is natural to stay in bed and wake up properly. I try and drink plenty of water just before bed and again in the morning.