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How To Whiten Teeth At Home With Certain Foods. ( Part One )

Updated on February 8, 2015

These Are My Teeth


White Teeth?

Who doesn't want to have a shining smile with bright and white teeth?

Even if you think it's too late to whiten them, in fact, there's always a hope and all you have to do is just keep yourself on working on that and have this unending persistence, you also have to quit some foods and habits.

As you can see in this picture, these are my teeth when I first started whitening them. I won't say that they got to be this white by the natural foods and ways because I'd be lying.

I actually used a whitening gel along with having a diet that lacks staining foods, instead, I started consuming foods & drinks that would provoke and increase the chances of getting whiter teeth.

I did find changes and good results, the foods and the methods that I've used helped my treatment process big time!

So below, I'll be mentioning some of the foods that you can try at home. They're totally safe so, you literally don't have to worry about nothing!

In part two, I have mentioned the materials that you can buy from any store in a very cheap price and use them when you brush your teeth to get whiter teeth.

As for now, let's start with the foods.

1- Foods that you can use for your purpose of whitening:

There are several foods that you can use and eat to whiten your teeth, the good part is that everyone can eat these and they totally are good natural ways to whiten teeth with.

Bananas Peel

That's right! Not only you can benefit from enjoying the banana's sweet taste, its great nutrition benefits and low calories but you also can benefit from it by using its peel on your teeth.

How? Just use the peel and gently start rubbing it on your teeth. You can do that for about 4 to 6 minutes and that's it. Check for the results yourself with time.

flickr | Source


Strawberries are one of these fruits that have been proven to whiten teeth naturally.

Strawberries contain acids that prevent the building up of bacteria on teeth and they are also good for gum inflammation as they reduce it since they are a great source of vitamin C.

Here's a nice idea:

How about you make a milkshake of bananas and strawberries? That would be so delicious and I personally have done that many times and noticed that my teeth were really getting whiter! Not to forget about how enjoyable this milkshake can be.


Mint is the most common green vegetable that can whiten teeth, that's why it's used in most toothpastes and recommended by professional dentists to include in our lifestyle diet.


Not only can apples cure you from many diseases but they can as well be great for helping your teeth stay clean and fresh, thus preventing any stains to get stuck, so then the teeth can look brighter and more shiny.

It's known that in the old history times and when toothpastes weren't invented, people used to eat apples to brush their teeth.


Besides their ability to whiten your teeth, they are also able to help you lose weight and get you a flat tummy! Yes, that's true. Everything you need for your health is included in this fruit! How awesome!

Pineapple contains Bromelain ( it is the only fruit that contains this).

Recent studies have shown that Bromelain can cleanse your teeth and prevent any inflammation kind to affect your teeth, it's also capable of removing stains.


Just munch on this sweet and delicious fruit and leave it do the work!

Pears are capable of inducing more saliva secretion while chewing leaving your teeth cleaner and stainless.

Flickr | Source

Milk,Cheese And Yogurt

Not only can they help in strengthening you teeth because of the amount of calcium that they provide for the teeth and bones, but they can also help in whitening your teeth and strengthening the enamel's layer.


Carrots- While chewing- Can stimulate saliva secretion thus helping your teeth to get cleaner because that's what saliva does, it washes away food debris and strengthens the gums.


I know that this would not be a preferred vegetable to include in your daily diet as it can also get you to have a bad breath sometimes.

Onions ,however, are stainless and colorless and that's why eating them won't affect your teeth in any matter.

It's also known that most people brush their teeth after eating onions which is a good way to make you not forget about brushing your teeth and taking care of your dental health in general.

Flickr | Source


Broccoli can brush your teeth and clean them because of the florets it has, these florets scrub the surface of the teeth and give them a nice and short brushing.


Water can be drank between meals to prevent the staining of some foods by stimulating a lot of secretion of saliva to wash and cleanse the teeth.

Water has many minerals that are very beneficial for the teeth's strength and health.

Not to forget its capability of also making you get rid of a bad breath if it happens that you have that!

Flickr | Source

Foods And Drinks To Avoid

Avoid Coffees, Black Tea, Cola, Pepsi and other foods that may include caffeine and are highly acidic.

Acidic foods can ruin your enamel with time, thus prevent it from the protection layer which doesn't allow the entry of microbes and bacteria and prevents gum inflammation.

Acidic foods include: Parsley, Lemons, Tomatoes,Oranges,Limes, walnuts,cranberries and others.

Other foods that will leave stains:

- Blueberries


-Dark Chocolate

-Peanut butter


-Sugary gums

-Red wine

And others of course.

I'll be soon adding part two, so for now try to work with the information mentioned here to move on and add the new methods in your lifestyle.

Have you?

Have you tried one or more of these foods and did you see any difference?

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